Review: Yuri – Blue Is The Warmest Colour


French studio Fingerlab have been bringing the touchscreens of our iPhones and iPads to life in innovative ways for years. Games such as Multiponk, Albert (which is also available on Apple TV), and Atom Run, mix creativity with interaction, resulting in a diverse range of experiences that share a bond of warmth and joy.

It’s not surprising that Fingerlab make tools for creatives as well as games: Apps for making music such DM1, DFX, and Rockmate; tools for filmography such as iMotion; and even Musyc – an app that uniquely blends visual and aural exploration.

Yuri is yet another example of the studio’s penchant for fusing art and gameplay, conjuring a 2D action platformer that ranges from fast and furious, to whimsical dreamscape.

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