Review: Morphite – On Its Own Two Feet


In one of our earlier preview pieces on Morphite, we listed off a few of the classics that inspired collaborators Crescent Moon Games and Blow Fish Studios, such as Metroid Prime and Zelda.¬†Crescent Moon Games’ official site for Morphite reels off even more beloved franchises – Ratchet and Clank, and Turok.

Inspirations and influences are inevitable, but committing them to words on screens for an upcoming game is bold, especially with such legendary names being thrown about. The danger is two-fold – setting expectations beyond the achievable, and releasing a product that’s merely a sum of its inspirations, with nothing to distinguish it as its own game.

How about Morphite then? Does it manage to climb off the shoulders of the giants that inspired it, and stand on its own?

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Abi: A Robot’s Tale – Point And Click With Feeling


The trailer for Abi: A Robot’s Tale left ATVG with heartstrings well and truly pulled.

What is it about a few gentle touches on ivory connected to strings, behind heartbreakingly cute robot buddies searching for meaning in a desolate, lonely world that leaves us thinking big things and asking the unanswerable on a Saturday morning?

Well I guess I’ve answered my own question.

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Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets – That’s A Lot Of Jets


Atypical Games is throwing a lot of love at the Apple TV’s App Store, with this week’s release of Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets being the studio’s fifth title for the platform. Joining Sky Gamblers Races, Radiation City, Infinite Tanks, and Battle Supremacy: Evolution, Infinite Jets sits firmly within the studio’s oeuvre of console-quality games.

In other words, it sure looks pretty.

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