Legendo Teases Concept Art From Draugablíkk: Serpents In The Mist


A beautiful banner (above), a logo, concept art (both over on page 2), and a vague but very poetic description (also on page 2) – that’s all we’ve got for now. But it’s all worth sharing because we know what this studio is capable of.

Legendo Entertainment is behind one of ATVG’s all-time favourite iOS platform games – Dracula Twins – which by the way, is being remastered for future release on Apple TV under the moniker Dracula Twins R2: Renegade Rush. Definitely looking forward to hearing more about that one.

But back to the story at hand: Legendo this week teased a piece of stylish concept art for its upcoming Draugablíkk: Serpents in the Mist, with the studio including the hashtag “tvOS” in its Twitter-reveal of the artwork. Any mention of Apple TV or tvOS combined with gaming, is the equivalent of the bat signal shining in the night sky for ATVG, so we thought we’d put together everything we know about Draugablíkk, which admittedly isn’t much.

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