If You’re Digging ATVG, Come and Say Hi on Facebook

You may have noticed there are no comments sections open on ATVG’s articles. In my experience on other sites, by the time I’ve read the article, and then spent some time reading the comments, it’s not long until I’ve forgotten what the original intention of the article was. I’ve found readers even tend to skip the article altogether, and jump straight to the comments in order to get an idea of what the article was about, and for an instant reaction to it for some popcorn time.

At ATVG I’d prefer to keep articles separate to the comments, and instead I’ll mirror links to all the articles on Facebook. The intention is to still have a sense of community, but that part of ATVG will be via the Facebook page, where readers are welcome to comment, give feedback, and join in for some excellent conversation on all things gaming.

So I hope you’ve been enjoying you’re time at ATVG, and why not mash the Facebook link at the top of this page and leave your thoughts?