Shoot The Zombirds – A Fun Halloween Arcade Treat


By the time you read this you’ll be well into your Halloween weekend festivities, buried neck-deep in themed game updates. But if you think you’ve got room for a few more pumpkins, zombies, creepy leafless trees and graveyards, then we’ve found the perfect arcade fix for you.

Shoot The Zombirds won’t change your life, but it’s like a quick candy rush that once you start gobbling at, it’s hard to stop.

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Update to Kingdom: New Lands will add 6th Island


Update: The free update adding sixth island – Skull Island – just released today. Enter at your own risk though, as Raw Fury warns that Skull Island is brutally difficult. (ATVG is still trying to leave the first island!)

Original Story: Kingdom: New Lands just turned two years old, with publisher Raw Fury celebrating by sending out an email yesterday detailing a pretty big update currently being worked on, and after reaching out we received confirmation that the update is also coming to Apple TV.


Raw Fury describes Kingdom as “a small game about royalty stuck to horses and throwing coins at people.” While it’s hard to think of a better way to sum up this beautiful game in fewer words, that elevator pitch doesn’t give any indication of the level of depth that Kingdom hides within its simple gameplay mechanics.

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The Ava Storyline – Upcoming DLC for Space Marshals 2 Announced


While punching out our story on Beach Buggy Racing’s 4 player split screen update earlier today, we received an email from studio Pixelbite teasing upcoming DLC for its quality action/stealth shooter – Space Marshals 2.

So ATVG is back at the keys, bathing in the glow of a warm iMac’s monitor to bring you some more good news to brighten your weekend.

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Update to Beach Buggy Racing Brings 4 Player Split Screen


Ok folks, we need to talk about Beach Buggy Racing.

Here at ATVG, we feel we’ve neglected this excellent kart racer from Vector Unit for far too long. We’ve written extensively about the studio’s Riptide GP: Renegade, posting a full review, and including it in our various housekeeping lists, such as last year’s best of, and also this recent collection of PS4 and Xbox One games that you can play on the Apple TV platform.

A while back ATVG also took a deep dive into Vector Unit’s Mousebot, a fun vehicle-based 3D platformer (with Easter eggs).

Beach Buggy Racing however, somehow slipped through our net. We’ve mentioned it in passing, but have never really given it the love it deserves. If Apple TV could only have one good example of every classic gaming genre, we’d be more than happy for Beach Buggy Racing to carry the torch for kart racing.

And to help that torch shine even brighter, yesterday saw an update that brought local 4 player split screen. Now that’s kart racing.

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5 More Upcoming Apple TV Games We’re Excited About


Okay, it’s time to get our ducks in a row again. It’s been a while.

Six months ago we gathered together six upcoming Apple TV games that we’ve been following and posting stories about, and put them into a handy list for easy reference. Crossing them off gradually as they get released, there are still four games on that list to come. (And a fifth…possibly…maybe…hopefully game that may never see Apple TV, but ATVG is a glass half full kind of site so fingers crossed and so on)

Six months down the track, ATVG continues to scour the internet and pester developers for news of more games to look forward to on the platform, and thought it’s about time we put together another list for your convenience. You’ll get a trailer to watch, links to the original articles, and a quick blurb for each title.

Right. Let’s do this.

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Action RPG Runic Rampage – Plugging a Hole in Apple TV’s Catalogue


Update: Studio Electrocosmos have announced a release date for Runic Rampage – November 2nd. Not long!

Original Story: Action RPGs are thin on the ground in the Apple TV gaming catalogue.

Dungeon Hunter 5 from Gameloft brings bite-size Diablo-like missions which are fun – and the game has nice production values – but you can’t help but want those missions to extend into a larger environment, giving you room to explore and swing those weapons.

Dungeon Time from Mooff Games is positioned as more of a twin-stick shooter, although it does boast RPG flavours brought to the table courtesy of upgradeable abilities and characters.

Where the Apple TV gaming catalogue is lacking is fully-featured dungeon crawlers with loot, spells, weapons, armour, and raging dwarves.

Can German studio Electrocosmos help plug the hole with its upcoming Runic Rampage?

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Moon Raider: Gameplay Videos Reveal Details of Upcoming Sci-Fi Advenure


We first posted about Moon Raider back in March, and thought it’s high time we checked back in to bring word on its progress. The studio behind the upcoming pixel art action platformer – Retro Phone Games – has been very open on the game’s progress in recent months, dropping heaps of videos that reveal plenty of interesting aspects of the game.

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Review: Yuri – Blue Is The Warmest Colour


Update (2 June 2019): The final levels promised at the end of Fingerlab’s excellent little 2D platormer have arrived. The conclusion of Yuri’s story can now be enjoyed courtesy of a free update this week which added 16 new levels. Happy days.

“Thanks for your patience,” Fingerlab writes in its patch notes. “It took awhile, but we needed the time to create a completely new environment: Yuri’s mysterious house, full of surprises and challenges.”

Fingerlab has also “reworked some levels and remastered the soundtrack” in order to give players an “even more immersive experience.”

Just in time for the weekend too.

Original Story: French studio Fingerlab have been bringing the touchscreens of our iPhones and iPads to life in innovative ways for years. Games such as Multiponk, Albert (which is also available on Apple TV), and Atom Run, mix creativity with interaction, resulting in a diverse range of experiences that share a bond of warmth and joy.

It’s not surprising that Fingerlab make tools for creatives as well as games: Apps for making music such DM1, DFX, and Rockmate; tools for filmography such as iMotion; and even Musyc – an app that uniquely blends visual and aural exploration.

Yuri is yet another example of the studio’s penchant for fusing art and gameplay, conjuring a 2D action platformer that ranges from fast and furious, to whimsical dreamscape.

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