5 More Upcoming Apple TV Games We’re Excited About


Okay, it’s time to get our ducks in a row again. It’s been a while.

Six months ago we gathered together six upcoming Apple TV games that we’ve been following and posting stories about, and put them into a handy list for easy reference. Crossing them off gradually as they get released, there are still four games on that list to come. (And a fifth…possibly…maybe…hopefully game that may never see Apple TV, but ATVG is a glass half full kind of site so fingers crossed and so on)

Six months down the track, ATVG continues to scour the internet and pester developers for news of more games to look forward to on the platform, and thought it’s about time we put together another list for your convenience. You’ll get a trailer to watch, links to the original articles, and a quick blurb for each title.

Right. Let’s do this.

Hit the page 2 button below for a sneak peak over the horizon.

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