Apple TV To Nintendo Switch – 7 Games That Made The Leap


Seeing Picomy’s excellent 2D platform game – Heroki – hit Nintendo Switch just over a week ago made me think: What other games have made the leap from Apple’s digital-only console to Nintendo’s latest hardware offering?

In ATVG’s recent article on Apple’s rejection of Valve’s Steam Link app, I mentioned what I perceive as a philosophical similarity between Apple and Nintendo, with each company finding success following roads less travelled. There is also, however, a much more tangible common ground shared by Apple TV and Nintendo Switch.

Being able to play a game on the console that’s connected to the big screen of your lounge room, turn it off, grab your mobile or tablet, boot up the same game and continue where you left off still feels like magic to this writer. While Apple and Nintendo have arrived at that killer feature via different roads, it’s a fascinating common bond that gamers on both systems share, and a feature that will no doubt be taken for granted across all platforms one day.

So in continuing this theme of common bonds, shared ground, and killer features, here’s a handful of titles that found their way from Apple TV to Nintendo Switch.


Well, firstly, it’s interesting watching games migrate from platform to platform, like herds searching for greener pastures; National Geographic meets cyberspace perhaps.

Secondly…why the hell not?

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Reader Rabbit: Jumpsmarter – From Apple II To Apple TV

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.10.45 am

Edutainment. Say that word to a lifelong gamer and watch for the eye-roll. That mashed-up word – which can actually be found in the Oxford Dictionary of English – is the verbal embodiment of adults trying to pull the wool over the eyes of kids.

As a kid in the ’80s, I remember learning the value of buying low and selling high not from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, but from a game on my TRS-80 called Lemonade Stand. I also remember my parents thinking Maths Invaders was a good idea, but it never took me long to find my way back to the trusty old Atari – shooting aliens with bullets instead of numbers was much more satisfying.

Starting life on the Apple II, Reader Rabbit was part of the edutainment software vanguard, vying for the attention of children alongside Mario and Sonic. After a long, righteous life, it seems fitting that the character should find his way to the big screens of 2018 via the tech-giant’s more recent hardware – Apple TV.

This latest incarnation of Reader Rabbit, developed by Dashalope Games and published by Games4Kids, should be a much easier sell for parents to make – all it’s really trying to teach, is how to play 2D platform games.

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Impressions – Nimian Legends: BrightRidge


In ATVG’s roundup of recently released Apple TV games, I first called Protopop’s open world game a walk-em-up, with games such as Firewatch and Gone Home in mind. It can be argued that these two games are excellent examples of a reimagined point-and-click genre, with the static backgrounds of the ’80s and ’90s replaced with more immersive and interactive worlds to explore.

But after dipping my toe a little deeper into Robert Kabwe’s world, I called it an RPG. Entering one of BrightRidge’s story modes – Love & Tin – I found my character armed with a bow, a quest line to follow, and the warm and welcoming BrightRidge Inn. Classic RPG tropes.

Now, having finished Love & Tin, I’m taking door number three, and from here on I’ll simply call Nimian Legends: BrightRidge an adventure.

Third time lucky.

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Nimian Legends: BrightRidge – A Walk In The Park


But wow, what a park. And yes, you can walk, but you can also fly and swim through BrightRidge’s beautiful vistas should you so choose.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge is a constantly growing and evolving labour of love by Robert Kabwe (trading as Protopop), and when you start to scratch the surface of this fictional world and realise the breadth of what’s on offer, it’s worth reminding yourself it’s the work of just one man.

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To The Moon, Fuelled By Wish Fulfilment


Sometimes the premise a creative work is built on, whether it be a film, book, record, game or other, is so good that it fuels the imagination far beyond the work itself. Regardless of its execution, a concept can be strong enough to stand on its own, ready to be discussed and dissected away from its artistic embodiment. 

Its Winter in Australia, and I’m sipping Irish coffee while Brian Eno’s 1978 classic Music for Airports plays in my headphones; it seems like a good time to try and describe the foundation that Freebird Games’ To The Moon is built on. 

It’s a beautiful idea that asks one of those big water-cooler questions: 

Would you?

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Shadowgun Legends – A Road Map For 2018 Updates


Update: So much for well-made plans. Soon after posting the original story below, the 0.5.2 update came through with its many bug fixes, but it seems new bugs were born as a result. Yesterday Madfinger Games released a quick hotfix to deal with those new bugs, which is now of course known as 0.5.3. Sooo…the update noted in the original story below, which I refer to as 0.5.3 – the one with the new content – is still yet to come, and will now be known as 0.5.4.

Make sense? Yep. Read on.

Original Story: This week’s Thursday night stream from Madfinger Games was a treasure trove of information, with the studio laying out a road map of updates for its excellent sci-fi FPS – Shadowgun Legends.

If you’re not yet aware of Madfinger’s very Destiny-flavoured shooter, you can get up to speed right here with ATVG’s review. If there was an option to turn off the constant action-hero one-liners such as “Damn, that hurt” and “Big ugly alien” I’d have almost nothing to complain about.

Since release, Madfinger has been rolling out updates at a steady pace, with the first big content update – 0.5.0 – bringing among a bunch of other stuff, two new raids – Brothers of Fire, and Hivemind.

0.5.1 was then rolled out a few days afterwards to fix everything that 0.5.0 broke.

And by the time you read this post, update 0.5.2 may have already landed.

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