Nimian Legends: BrightRidge – A Walk In The Park


But wow, what a park. And yes, you can walk, but you can also fly and swim through BrightRidge’s beautiful vistas should you so choose.

Nimian Legends: BrightRidge is a constantly growing and evolving labour of love by Robert Kabwe (trading as Protopop), and when you start to scratch the surface of this fictional world and realise the breadth of what’s on offer, it’s worth reminding yourself it’s the work of just one man.



In ATVG’s recent roundup of relatively new Apple TV releases, I described BrightRidge as a kind of walk-em-up, but having spent even just a small time in-game, I’d say now it is definitely more an RPG than anything else.

In the story modes available, there is combat to engage in, and quest lines to follow. Entering the Love & Tin story option, I’m instantly presented with a scene that makes me want to take a slow camera pan full-circle, just to savour Kabwe’s creation.

After setting off down a forest pathway towards my first quest marker, my attention is drawn to a huge tower presiding over the landscape, left with no doubt it will play a prominent role in the adventure about to unfold.

Exploring my control options I realise I’m armed with a bow and take a few meaningless shots at the world around me.

The path brings me to what seems to be my character’s home, and I go about some busywork, completing my first few quests. After feeding the dog, I take night lamps outside and place them where I’m told, before heading back inside and hitting the sack.

The night lamps by the way are gorgeous, with a softly diffused glow projecting a homely warmth.

The small taste I’ve had so far of BrightRidge has given me a hunger for more, and I look forward to setting aside a healthy portion of game-time in order to continue the adventure.

Apart from the story modes, Kabwe has given players options and tools with which to experience BrightRidge in a standalone exploratory mode, devoid of quests or combat. Weather modes and filters can be tinkered with, there is a photo mode, and players can even take to the sky by inhabiting various animal characters.

Kabwe is currently working on an expansion to BrightRidge, called GreenWeald, as well as a sequel – Nimian Legends: Vandgels – which is also heading to the Apple TV platform.

I’ll be back in the coming days and weeks with more feedback on my adventures in BrightRidge, and perhaps some postcards and teaser videos of the upcoming Vandgels. For an immediate taste of the upcoming sequel head over to Protopop’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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