Blackmoor 2 Probably Definitely Coming To Apple TV


Safe planes and good whisky.

That’s what I’ll always think of first whenever I write about Hong Kong-based studio Four Fats.

When writing this piece about the team morphing from Mooff Games into Four Fats, I somehow ended up coining a salutation that I actually now use in day to day life, obviously meant in the same spirit as may the wind be always at your back and the Sun on your face. Unfortunately, the line that inspired the headline to that piece, concerning Four Fats aiming to make games that weren’t shit, is no longer found on the studio’s  website. It’s a pity, it was a good line.

Ah well, I got a salutation out of it.

Sooo…Blackmoor 2 is the real topic of this post. Let’s talk about that.
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Apple TV Gaming News Roundup – Halloween, Cars, Beards, Spit and Tesla


Hopefully your week has been a good one, with plenty of game-time squeezed in among real life, work, study, sleep, food, and staring into space. Because sometimes you just have to stop and gaze pointlessly into the middle-distance and be. You don’t see people doing that much anymore. Usually it’s just eyes darting from screen to screen, activity to activity, with no nothing-time between the madness.

But enough of that rambling nonsense.

Hit the continue button below for a quick blast of Apple TV gaming news from the week that was.
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Sky’s macOS Beta Makes Me Want It Even More For Apple TV

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 5.18.07 pm

In ATVG’s screenshot essay following the release of Sky’s iOS beta, I expressed concerns that it might be a very short, finite beta, and that the servers might shut down on me at any second. I jumped in to hurriedly gather impressions and take screenshots, thinking the clock was ticking.

I needn’t have worried, because months later the beta is still open, and players can sign up to it right here.

ATVG was right to wish for Sky to come to a bigger screen. The macOS beta went live yesterday, and after playing Sky on a Mac mini connected to a 32 inch monitor, I still believe bigger is better, and can’t wait to enjoy it in full glory on a 60 inch screen via Apple TV.

Sit tight, thatgamecompany says it’s still working on it.
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Watching BlizzCon 2018? There’s An Apple TV App For That


World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of The Storm, Diablo – not a bad little body of work.

If your Venn diagram of “things you dig” has an overlapping section containing one or more of Blizzard Entertainment’s games and Apple TV (you’re reading this site after all), then you’re in luck – the free BlizzCon TV app has you covered.
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Shadowgun Legends – New Gold Arena Is A Satisfying Challenge


Earlier this year, in one of its weekly live streams, MADFINGER Games laid out a road map of updates for the remainder of 2018 for Shadowgun Legends (read ATVG’s review).

Turns out it was more of a mud map than an accurate cartographical survey, as update 0.6.0 became 0.7.0, with the orange fourth planet still dangling like a giant spherical carrot, locked and waiting. 0.8.0 maybe?

New planets notwithstanding, after dropping last week update 0.7.0 has still added a bunch more content to a game that is already quite feature-rich: New weapons and armour, a raised maximum power level (270), Halloween-themed gear, a new fusion system to raise the power level of your favourite legendary items, and a shiny new Gold Arena. You can read the full patch notes right here.

Out of all the activities available in Shadowgun Legends, the Silver Arena is easily where I’ve spent most of my time, and it was exciting to see a whole new challenge waiting to be surmounted in 0.7.0.

It wasn’t easy, but today, accompanied by two other random cyber-warriors, after about an hour we cracked the lids from three hard-earned loot chests, learning along the way there are a few new obstacles on the road to gold. (Spoiler alert).
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Barbearian – Loot ‘n Shoot, Smash ‘n Grab, Hack ‘n Slash – Something For Everyone


When Barbearian first released for iOS back in August, straight away after watching the trailer I added it to my mental wish list of games that would hopefully come to Apple TV.

About 24 hours ago my wish came true, in the form of an email from Kimmo Lahtinen, letting me know that his studio – Gimblll – had just released Barbearian for tvOS earlier this week on Monday.

After a quick download and a couple of hours of game time, I’m punching keys in the ATVG bunker to tell you that Barbearian is the real deal – a true console experience that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.
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PAKO Forever – The Blues Brothers Game We Never Knew We Wanted



According to Wikipedia that’s how many police cars were smashed in the original Blues Brothers film. I remember watching it on VHS at a friend’s birthday back in the day, thinking how completely over-the-top insane that car chase sequence was. And brilliant.

Nearly 18 years later, a sequel was released – Blue Brothers 2000. Guess how many police cars were smashed in that one?


Last week, Finnish studio Tree Man Games released the latest title in its PAKO series of car chase games – PAKO Forever – and if you think you’re up for the challenge, you could go for the record.
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