Did You Know Action-RPG Titan Quest Is Available On Apple TV?

I screwed up.

When posting a wrap-up of the year that was regarding Apple TV gaming, I missed one of 2021’s biggest releases. This may turn out to be a good thing however, as the game now gets to star in its very own post, unencumbered by other titles clamouring for your Apple TV gaming attention.

And this title definitely looks as though it deserves its very own post.

So with that said, please welcome to centre stage – Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

Originally released 15 years ago, Titan Quest was brought to Apple TV in 2021 by publisher Handy Games and developer Pieces Interactive. It’s a big, shiny, triple A action-RPG, with plenty of dungeon crawling, questing (it says so in the title!), enemies to vanquish (check out the Dragonian below) and loads of glorious loot.

You could just simply grab the Titan Quest HD version, also available on Apple TV, but then you’d miss out on the Immortal Throne, Ragnarok and Atlantis DLC packs bundled into the Legendary Edition at a discounted price. I’m no financial advisor, and I haven’t actually gone hands-on with Titan Quest yet, but if you like what you see in the trailer below then the Legendary Edition seems like an easy decision.

Titan Quest’s story involves a mixture of real-world locations (Greece, Egypt and China for example), mixed with mythology and magic (expect sojourns to mythical locales such as Hades and Atlantis). Something for everyone.

Weapons look to include the usual suspects of sharp edges, pointy projectiles and eye-candy coloured spells.

Titan Quest is exactly the sort of game Apple TV’s catalogue lacked – a big, fully loaded, hack ‘n slash loot-fest. The fact that it’s not a free-to-play business model feels like a bonus, as once you’ve got it, you’ve got the whole thing. I’d love to see a “+” version of Titan Quest come to Apple Arcade. The title is already cloud-save compatible across your different sized screens of Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, so it would make a good fit for Apple’s subscription service once cross-save for Macs is thrown in for good measure.

Happy New Year folks.

Check out Titan Quest’s trailer: