W is for Woah Dave! – Another PlayStation Plus Alumni on Apple TV

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Sometimes I’ll pick a letter of the alphabet at random, and type that single letter into the search field of Apple TV’s App Store. It puts the “discover” back into “discoverability.”

On some occasions, this may yield an obscure yoga app, and on others, pay dirt in the form of an excellent little arcade title that still boasts about that time a couple of years back when it was a PlayStation Plus game. (Apologies to those for whom obscure yoga apps and pay dirt are one and the same).

You know how you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll run into someone and you’re like, “Wait, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Sometimes you don’t, and that can be awkward.

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And a trailer.

Studio Behind Sonic Mania & Heroki Announce Monomals for Apple TV


The quality production values of Heroki set the bar high for 2D platform games on Apple TV, and we featured the game in our Best Apple TV Games of Year One list for good reason. Heroki plays like a classic forgotten mascot platformer of yesteryear, unearthed and remastered for 21st century gamers, causing the SEGA banner to feel very appropriate for the title.

Partnering with SEGA to deliver Heroki, Netherlands-based studio PICOMY have since been hard at work on the upcoming Sonic Mania, an effort to revitalise the classic franchise by taking it back to its roots. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic CD all play very well on Apple TV, and we don’t know yet if the new entry in the series will make it to Apple’s digital-only console, but we’ll definitely keep our ear to the ground on that one.

What we do know is that PICOMY’s next title will make it to Apple TV.

After teasing the above silhouetted image over the weekend on its Facebook page, PICOMY unveiled Monomals earlier today, and we’ve since received word from the studio confirming the title will hit Apple’s big screen box.

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New Trailer and Release Date for Metroid Prime-Inspired Morphite


Metroid Prime, Ratchet and Clank, Turok – the list of influences namechecked for inspiration on the Crescent Moon Games website is both impressive and interesting. It’s an unusual combination of games to see sitting alongside each other, but after watching the fresh-from-the-oven trailer over on page 2, the list makes a lot more sense given the visuals, story, and wildlife.

We’ve had our eye on Morphite for a while now, including it in this list of upcoming games we’re excited about, and if you’re keen to see some extended gameplay footage from the iPhone version then check this out.

Today, the collaboration between We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, and Blowfish Studios received not only a release date, but also a brand new trailer showing a very ambitious looking final product. The trailer also reveals some interesting gameplay details.

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Review: Leo’s Fortune – Sonic The Moustache in a Pixar Film


“There’s gold in them thar hills,” the writer typed in his best Yosemite Sam impression. Leo’s gold, his entire fortune in fact, has been stolen and spread like storybook breadcrumbs through forest and desert, under sea and over snow, leaving a trail as if someone wanted him to follow it and discover the thief.

Leo has some pretty shady relatives, all of whom have a motive. Or has Leo’s riches made him paranoid?

What’s a hairy green ball with an oversized moustache to do? Follow the money of course.

Players that do so will discover a beautiful 2D platform adventure that will remind them of one of life’s – and gaming’s – most important lessons: The journey is the goal.

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Forma.8 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Forma.8 is a mystery. The in-game progress bar tells me I’ve completed 51.6 percent of Italian studio MixedBag’s beautiful, alien adventure, and with 48.4 percent of the game ahead of me, I didn’t want to put the word “review” in the title of this article. Without knowing when, if ever, I would see an ending, I thought now is as good a time as any to take a break and commit some words to a screen.

And if you haven’t already guessed from this post’s subtitle, I’m stuck.

At some point I’ll no doubt resort to the Internet’s hive mind for clues on how to proceed, and for certain puzzles I already have, but for now I thought I’d pass on my mixed feelings about Forma.8.