W is for Woah Dave! – Another PlayStation Plus Alumni on Apple TV


So it’s been a while – two years is a long time – but I’ve watched the trailer and it’s all starting to come back. After having a good crack at studio Choice Provisions’ little arcade gem for a few weeks when it was a PS Plus title, time moved on and other shiny things caught my attention, but only happy memories remain.

Apple TV I believe is actually a perfect home for Woah Dave!, with an MFi controller in hand. There’s a growing list of PlayStation Plus titles that seem to have found a comfy home on Apple’s digital-only console.

The Atari-like graphics of Woah Dave! belong on a big screen, the bigger the better. Sure, it’s awesome having this kind of stuff in your pocket, but nothing says lava lamps and electric recliners like Woah Dave! Take a load off and throw unhatched alien eggs at their mothers and probably their fathers to kill them and chase high-scores on a 60 inch flatscreen. What better way to unwind after a hard day’s work?

Woah Dave! actually has a pseudo-sequel in the pipeline in the form of Space Dave!, which looks to be a psychedelic take on the Space Invaders formula. If we hear any rumblings of Space Dave! coming to Apple TV you’ll be the first to know.

Some of you may know studio Choice Provisions from the excellent BIT.TRIP series.

Check out the deluxe trailer below for Woah Dave!