Sky’s macOS Beta Makes Me Want It Even More For Apple TV

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In ATVG’s screenshot essay following the release of Sky’s iOS beta, I expressed concerns that it might be a very short, finite beta, and that the servers might shut down on me at any second. I jumped in to hurriedly gather impressions and take screenshots, thinking the clock was ticking.

I needn’t have worried, because months later the beta is still open, and players can sign up to it right here.

ATVG was right to wish for Sky to come to a bigger screen. The macOS beta went live yesterday, and after playing Sky on a Mac mini connected to a 32 inch monitor, I still believe bigger is better, and can’t wait to enjoy it in full glory on a 60 inch screen via Apple TV.

Sit tight, thatgamecompany says it’s still working on it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 5.16.42 pmThe screenshots throughout this article were all taken while playing the macOS beta.

Thatgamecompany’s 2012 release – Journey – has become a high water mark for smaller, experiential games that aren’t simply focused on killing things, and the studio’s follow up – Sky – can easily be described as an open-world Journey with a broader colour palette.

I still don’t want to venture too far into Sky’s world, as I want to leave the bulk of it undiscovered for when it eventually, one day, releases on ATVG’s platform of choice – Apple TV.

After reaching out earlier this week to thatgamecompany, I received a reply that the focus had shifted toward prioritising the macOS version for now, but that the Apple TV version was still on the way.

The tutorial since the original iOS beta has changed dramatically, and Sky now has a much clearer, more defined story, telling of a great storm that came to the world of Sky, darkening the constellations, with players being tasked to gather light to restore them.

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The mouse and keyboard controls are pretty standard, and work well. The mouse allows camera control, with W, A, S, and D to move, space to jump, F to interact, and the esc key allowing access to a menu of other interactions, help options, and more.

But I’m a console gamer at heart, and I’ll feel much more at home exploring Sky’s beautiful universe when controller compatibility is implemented.

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After lighting some candles (you’ll light a lot of candles in Sky) to gain access through the first temple’s gate, the ability to fly is soon granted.

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And it’s a joy to soar through this bright, welcoming world as Vincent Diamante’s sweeping orchestral score almost seems to act as a breeze fuelling your flight.

I really didn’t even scratch the surface in this second visit to Sky, having gone a little further in the iOS beta. When thatgamecompany finally brings the experience to Apple TV, I’ll be lining up at the temple gates, controller in hand, ready to play the tutorial for a third time, and then eagerly exploring an undiscovered country.

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