5 Apple Arcade Games I’ve Seen The End Of On Apple TV

I just had to use this picture again. Can’t help myself.

I thought a fun way to ease back into posting the occasional story might be to have a look back on what’s been taking up ATVG’s game time over the last few months.

In this recent post concerning the case of the missing Facebook icon, I described the arc my gaming took following the birth of Apple Arcade 12 months ago.

For months it was a case of briefly dipping in and out of dozens of games, constantly being distracted by the next shiniest thing, while more kept arriving on the service, each begging to be downloaded and trialled.

Around March or April, I started to employ some self-discipline, deciding to go back and start choosing games from Arcade’s service I felt warranted a full playthrough.

These were not the only games played since then; many such as Butter Royale, Sonic Racing, Shock Rods and Exit The Gungeon (and so many more!) are games to jump in and out of as an arcade snack, when a quick fix as opposed to immersion is what you’re after.

But when time allowed and the headspace was right, the lights would dim, the recliner would recline, and the TV would exclude the outside world as I adventured through some strange world or other, a warming brandy or whisky within reach.

Turn the page to find out which way the wind blew, and where the tides and currents of Apple Arcade have been taking me.

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ATVG and the Case of the Missing Facebook Icon

This is something I should’ve done a long time ago, and I owe long time readers (who by now have no doubt found their way to another blog) an apology for not doing so.

There was a handful of regular commenters and followers on ATVG’s Facebook page who woke up a couple of months ago to find the Facebook page missing in action. Gone. The icon in the top banner deleted, leaving Twitter’s little bird as social media’s sole representation.

No explanation. No sayonara. No nada.


If you care, turn the page.

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