When’s Beach Buggy Racing 2 Coming To Apple TV?

1500x500.jpeg Updated May 2021: Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure is out now on Apple TV. Have a read of ATVG’s impressions right here. Original story: Earlier today ATVG posted a short piece about upcoming Space Marshals 3, and we have similar news regarding Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing 2. And a somewhat more specific window in which it is planning to be released. A season even. Continue reading “When’s Beach Buggy Racing 2 Coming To Apple TV?”

When’s Space Marshals 3 Coming To Apple TV?


It’s a good question.

With ATVG recently naming Space Marshals 2 Apple TV Game of the Year for 2017, it’s high time we start looking to the future towards Space Marshals 3.

Who better to ask than the studio behind the series – Pixelbite?

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ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts Of 2019


Welcome to the ’20s. How much easier will it be to verbalise the new decade in conversation, now that we’re past the noughties (ugh!) and the…tens? Is there even an option for a simple one word summary of the 2010-2019 decade? There certainly wasn’t one that caught on.

The ’20s. Rolls off the tongue. We’ve got another 80 years before we have to deal with that head-scratcher again.

It’s time for one last look back at 2019 before we start marching inexorably forward yet again.

These annual Top Ten Most Clicked-On posts are one of my personal favourites, as they practically write themselves. Pop them in the oven for 12 months on a slow burn, and ding, out comes a pre-written, golden-brown article that tells the last part of the story from the year that was.

Here’s a couple that ATVG prepared earlier, for those playing catch-up:

ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts Of 2017
ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts Of 2018

In the list below you’ll see a couple of familiar faces, and a couple of unsurprising new ones. I always find it a fascinating insight to see what creeps in over time and what gets relegated.

Read on to see what’s what, and that will then put some closure on 2019, with ATVG ready to put its best foot forward into the ’20s.

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