Morphite Gameplay Trailers Showcase Alien Wildlife, Resources and Space Exploration


Update: Morphite is out now on Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. The Nintendo Switch version is coming in Q4 2017. Enjoy!

Original Story: Sometimes showing is better than telling, and this series of new gameplay trailers for upcoming Morphite do exactly that. And when I say upcoming, I mean in two days time.

We’ve been following this collaboration between Blowfish Studios, We’re Five Games, and Crescent Moon Games for a while now, ever since CMG’s Josh Presseisen showed off Morphite’s gameplay on an iPhone to Toucharcade. While Morphite looks like a nice addition to your pocket gaming options, its scope looks like something that big flat screens might be well suited for. On September 21st it’ll be your choice, as it hits Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and iOS all at once.

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Apple TV 4K – Sky is Coming. Can it Sell Apple TV Gaming?

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 11.53.17 am

Two significant things happened last week on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theatre that will play a large part in determining the future of Apple TV gaming.

First was the announcement of the fifth generation Apple TV – called simply Apple TV 4K.

Prior to this year’s WWDC, we reached out to a handful of developers to find out their wish list regarding gaming on the then unannounced device, and with Apple TV 4K’s unveiling, some of them had their wishes granted. In part.

The second of those significant things was the announcement of what would come next from thatgamecompany, the studio behind one of gaming’s high water marks of recent years – Journey.

The unveiling of Sky in conjunction with Apple TV 4K positioned the game as a hopeful system seller for Apple, or at the very least, a seller of the gaming aspect of Apple TV 4K, given that gaming is not its primary function.

Can Sky help Apple TV towards a future in which the device is accepted as a viable option for big screen gaming?

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Thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen Talks Sky in Q&A


The studio’s follow up to modern indie classic – Journey – was announced on stage today at Apple’s event, and it’s an interesting move for both Apple and thatgamecompany to be bringing the long anticipated game to big screens first via Apple TV.

There aren’t a whole lot of concrete details about Sky in the six and a half minute Q&A embedded below, but this chat between thatgamecompany’s President and Creative Director Jenova Chen and Geoff Keighly is still worth watching. It’s a treat to hear a developer emoting passionately about these kinds of artistic gaming experiences.

ATVG will take a closer look at what today’s Apple TV 4K announcement might mean for gaming on the platform in the coming days.

For more on the upcoming Sky, have a read right here.

Minecraft and Controller Bundle Now Available for Apple TV. Woah.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 5.42.15 pm

Finally! Interesting news in a report from iOS site Toucharcade today – the online US Apple Store has made available a bundle which will net you the Steel Series Nimbus controller, together with a download code for Minecraft: Apple TV Edition. (It’s not appearing on the Australian site, so this bundle may be US only).

This is definitely a healthy step towards visibility for Apple TV as a viable gaming option, especially when coupled with such a household name as Minecraft.

I’ve written a full review of the Steel Series Nimbus a while back for Grab It Magazine, and it’s an excellent controller. Folks, in short, this bundle is a good deal.

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Apple Streaming September 12 Event Via Apple TV

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.07.11 pm

It’s official. What the rest of the world are calling the iPhone 8 event, ATVG is calling the Apple TV event.

Apple today announced its upcoming Special Event, noting via its offical site that the keynote will be streamed live and viewable on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Apple TVs. By this stage it seems reasonably safe to assume that by the end of the event, the previous generations of hardware will feel a little older, being joined by a 5th generation Apple TV.

The 4K rumours are strong, which is all well and good for media consumption, but what we really care about on this particular site is gaming. If Apple does announce the next generation Apple TV on September 12, bringing 4K muscle to the ring, will it also lean into promoting the gaming potential that this extra grunt under the hood would make possible?

Prior to WWDC this year, we reached out to some developers and asked what they would like to see in a 5th generation Apple TV, netting some interesting results.

Join us on September 12 to see whether rumours crystallise into a playable future, or evaporate into what might’ve been.