Apple TV 4K – Sky is Coming. Can it Sell Apple TV Gaming?

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Two significant things happened last week on the stage of the Steve Jobs Theatre that will play a large part in determining the future of Apple TV gaming.

First was the announcement of the fifth generation Apple TV – called simply Apple TV 4K.

Prior to this year’s WWDC, we reached out to a handful of developers to find out their wish list regarding gaming on the then unannounced device, and with Apple TV 4K’s unveiling, some of them had their wishes granted. In part.

The second of those significant things was the announcement of what would come next from thatgamecompany, the studio behind one of gaming’s high water marks of recent years – Journey.

The unveiling of Sky in conjunction with Apple TV 4K positioned the game as a hopeful system seller for Apple, or at the very least, a seller of the gaming aspect of Apple TV 4K, given that gaming is not its primary function.

Can Sky help Apple TV towards a future in which the device is accepted as a viable option for big screen gaming?

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