Free Bonus Mission Releases For Space Marshals 2: Ava Storyline


Breaking news: the free bonus mission teased at the end of the recently released Ava Storyline DLC for Space Marshals 2 is now available for Apple TV.

Happy days.

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Framed 2 Is Apple’s 2017 Game Of The Year For Apple TV


Apple has announced its picks for game of the year across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and Loveshack Entertainment’s Framed 2 has taken out the Apple TV category.

ATVG really dug the Australian studio’s noir puzzle game, and you can read our review right here. We summed by saying, “Framed 2 provides a satisfying sequel experience that builds on the strengths of the original, producing a tighter, more logical puzzle experience, while also managing to tie the story neatly together between the first game and the second.”

Look out for ATVG’s own Best Apple TV Games of 2017 list, which I’ll be posting sometime between now and Christmas. In the meantime, you can check our best picks from the Apple TV platform’s first year of existence.

Congratulations to Loveshack Entertainment!


From The ATVG Bunker: Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday ATVG,
Happy Birthday to me

365 days ago, I posted this, welcoming anyone who happened to wander by my little corner of the Internet. At the time, I thought I’d probably reach more people by simply walking out onto the nearest street corner and talking about Apple TV games to passers-by.

One year, 133 posts, and five figures worth of views later, here I sit, celebrating with cheap Scotch and a warm Mac, punching out post number 134.

It’s been a blast. Thank you so much for reading my words on your screens.

Here’s mud in your eye, whatever the hell that means.

Look out year number two.






Did You Know Classic RPG The Bard’s Tale Is Available On Apple TV?


Sometimes a deep dive into the Apple TV’s App Store will yield bountiful loot. Yesterday I held down the Siri Remote’s mic button and voiced three of my favourite letters of the alphabet – R, P, and G – being careful to annunciate clearly. Siri heard me well, quickly advising me that there were no results for “ARE PG.”

Typing in the letters manually did the trick, with The Bard’s Tale appearing in the list of results.

With a quick double-take, I thought, wait a minute, is that the The Bard’s Tale?


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Legendo Teases Concept Art From Draugablíkk: Serpents In The Mist


A beautiful banner (above), a logo, concept art (both over on page 2), and a vague but very poetic description (also on page 2) – that’s all we’ve got for now. But it’s all worth sharing because we know what this studio is capable of.

Legendo Entertainment is behind one of ATVG’s all-time favourite iOS platform games – Dracula Twins – which by the way, is being remastered for future release on Apple TV under the moniker Dracula Twins R2: Renegade Rush. Definitely looking forward to hearing more about that one.

But back to the story at hand: Legendo this week teased a piece of stylish concept art for its upcoming Draugablíkk: Serpents in the Mist, with the studio including the hashtag “tvOS” in its Twitter-reveal of the artwork. Any mention of Apple TV or tvOS combined with gaming, is the equivalent of the bat signal shining in the night sky for ATVG, so we thought we’d put together everything we know about Draugablíkk, which admittedly isn’t much.

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Pixelbite Teases Bonus Mission For Space Marshals 2 – Ava Storyline


Really quick post here, because details are scant, but…

If you’ve been following the bouncing ball here at ATVG, you may have read our review of the recently released DLC for Space Marshals 2, which gives players a chance to walk a mile in Ava’s kickass boots. (And if you haven’t read our review of the main campaign, you can do so right here. Or just go and play the game, because it’s really good).

Right, so now that you’re all caught up, you’ll know that an extra bonus mission was teased by developer Pixelbite at the end credits of the Ava Storyline. Today the studio posted a quick update advising that the bonus mission could be releasing as early as next week. Giddy-up!

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Modern Combat 5 Finally Sees Some Love From Gameloft


Our friends over at Siniscope Gaming might be encouraged by this news. SG first brought to our attention eight months ago the fact that Gameloft had stopped supporting Modern Combat 5 on Apple TV the previous year.

It was a pity, as Modern Combat 5 was flying a very lonely flag for first-person shooters on the Apple TV platform, and doing it very well. Before we get too morose, we should point out that the game is still playable today, it’s just that it hasn’t received any of the content updates that its iOS counterpart kept receiving. You can check out SG’s in-depth look at the situation right here.

This week gave us reason to be hopeful. Hopeful that maybe, just maybe, Gameloft is casting its eyes towards its Apple TV shooter once again. An update landed bringing bug fixes for Modern Combat 5 this week, and while there was no new content, it’s encouraging to see the content that is available become even more playable.

Coincidentally, this week also saw Gameloft’s free-to-play dungeon crawler – Dungeon Hunter 5 – get an update which brought a bunch of new content. The studio’s arcade racer Asphalt 8 receives regular content updates on the Apple TV platform, so it seems Gameloft hasn’t forsaken the platform, it more than likely just focuses on the games that are performing financially. It obviously makes sense from a business point of view, but it’s always a bitter pill to swallow for fans when a game they not only enjoy, but may have spent money on in the form of in-app-purchases, stops getting developer support.

Welcome to gaming in the digital age.

ATVG will keep you posted if we hear any more news on Modern Combat 5’s support, or lack thereof.