When’s Space Marshals 3 Coming To Apple TV?


It’s a good question.

With ATVG recently naming Space Marshals 2 Apple TV Game of the Year for 2017, it’s high time we start looking to the future towards Space Marshals 3.

Who better to ask than the studio behind the series – Pixelbite?


Not only did ATVG get a response, but we got a window as well.


That’s a pretty big window. On the plus side, we did get confirmation that Space Marshals 3 is actually coming to Apple TV which is great news.

“All we can say at the moment about Space Marshals 3 is that it is in development,” came the reply from Pixelbite. “The whole team is working on it. Our plans include releasing it on Apple TV, and If everything goes according to plan it will be out in 2020!”

And that’s exactly everything ATVG knows so far about Space Marshals 3, the third in Pixelbite’s sci-fi-western-tactical-action-shooter series.

With the lack of any artwork for the upcoming title, ATVG created its own. Pretty fancy, right?

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