Butter Royale’s Halloween Event Is Coming Back Today

Butter Royale is Apple Arcade’s answer to Fortnite.

Viewed from the top down, rather than over the shoulder, studio Mighty Bear have nailed the one-more-go recipe required for battle royale games to find success.

You won’t find any realistic, graphic, bloody shooters on Apple’s gaming subscription service, but Butter Royale still gives players the opportunity to arm themselves to the teeth, and take to the battlefield in an endeavour to claim bragging rights as the last player standing in the ultimate food fight.

October saw Mighty Bear flex its creative muscles, launching a Halloween event that showed how much the studio is willing to bend and alter this already excellent game’s assets to create completely new playstyles.

The event must’ve proved popular, because in just over 10 hours, Night of the Living Bread is making a come back.

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When’s Space Marshals 3 Coming To Apple TV?


It’s a good question.

With ATVG recently naming Space Marshals 2 Apple TV Game of the Year for 2017, it’s high time we start looking to the future towards Space Marshals 3.

Who better to ask than the studio behind the series – Pixelbite?

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Upcoming Smash Anarchy Released Nearly 12 Months Ago


Well this is awkward.

After doubling back to check on and update this list of upcoming games I posted way back in April 2017 – in order to make sure I hadn’t missed anything – I quickly realised I’d missed something.

One of the upcoming games on the list – Smash Anarchy – has been out since October 2017.

October 2017!

Is it any good?

After just now burning through 10 levels and the first boss, I can confidently say yes, it is.

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Review: Quantum Revenge – A Work in Progress Comes Good


For Quantum Revenge, version 1.0.12 was the charm. The previous 11 versions simply didn’t work. And it’s such a pity, as even from version 1.0 it was evident there was a high quality twin-stick shoot-em-up buried beneath the game breaking bugs. But studio Realtech VR worked hard hunting and squashing until finally, thankfully, its product could be played from start to finish in all its glory.

Was the end result worth the wait for early adopters, or those that held off waiting for the game to come good, or even those who’ve yet to discover it?

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How to Play Quantum Revenge – Consumables and Upgrades Explained 

Right after posting our early impressions piece, ATVG reached out to the studio behind Quantum Revenge – Realtech VR – and asked a question that seems to be concerning players across the Internet: Are the upgrades you purchase with your collected currency permanent or consumable?

The response we received was a treasure trove of information, not just about weapon upgrades, but also explaining the studio’s inspiration for Quantum Revenge, challenges faced while developing it, and plans for the future of this excellent twin-stick shooter. 

We thought we’d post the “making of” information in a separate article in the near future, and serve up the most pressing “how-to” stuff right now. The game is certainly in need of some sort of guide, and Realtech VR will be addressing this by adding the information in-game via an upcoming update, but we wanted to share it now for early adopters who are already enjoying the game. 

So after hitting the page 2 button below, you’ll find an updated version of our bullet points from our early impressions piece, as well as Realtech’s extra info regarding the weapon upgrades and how the power bars work.

Early Impressions: Quantum Revenge – Bake Until Gold Brown


Quantum Revenge is not Realtech VR’s first rodeo, but it’s definitely the studio’s most ambitious. We had a look not long ago at Kosmik Revenge, and it’s unfortunate it shares such a similar name with this latest offering, as it may confuse some potential buyers thinking Quantum is a sequel. Kosmik is a very simple vertical shooter along the lines of Space Invaders, whereas Quantum is a twin-stick shooter with mechs. Chalk and cheese.

Firstly, Quantum Revenge has some known technical issues that the developers are aware of, and are working busily behind the scenes on updates with bug fixes. With that in mind, ATVG will hold off on a full review until the major bugs are squashed, but we wanted to get some impressions out there, as despite some issues, this is already an excellent arcade shooter, and definitely worth your time.

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Quick Look: Time Monkeys – from the Designer of Micro Machines


During our recent look at Kosmik Revenge, we suggested typing “shooter” into the search field of your Apple TV. The result is a couple of pages of various styles of shooters – some good, some not so good. It was this experiment that brought us to Time Monkeys. The screenshots showed what might be an okay twin-stick shooter, but it was the description and the studio that really piqued our interest.

Time Monkeys is from a team called Kwalee, which boasts founders and staff that hail from racing giant Codemasters. More specifically, Time Monkeys is attributed to none other than Andrew Graham, designer of a little NES classic you may have heard of – Micro Machines.

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We Have Two Copies of Quantum Revenge to Give Away


Update: The Apple TV version of Quantum Revenge is out now also. 

Original story: Studio Realtech VR have been kind enough to give us two promo codes for Quantum Revenge to give away. The mech and Manga-inspired twin-stick shooter just released a few hours ago on iPhone and iPad, with the Apple TV version coming later in the week.

If you are quick enough to race over to our Facebook page and redeem one of the two codes, it’ll give you access to download all three versions – iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (once it’s available).

So be quick and mash the Facebook link on the ATVG banner up above, and grab a code!

We recently posted a video of the first mission in Quantum Revenge so you can get an idea of the gameplay – you can check it out right here.


Spoiler Alert: Wanna See the Whole First Mission in Quantum Revenge?


It must be hard for developers to decide where to draw that line: how much of a game to reveal before release?

At what point are you no longer creating interest and starting to spoil the joy of discovery? There’s really no definitive answer to this conundrum, and ultimately it’s up to players to decide whether or not to accept a studio’s invitation to peak behind the curtain.

In this case the role of the curtain will be played by the page 2 button below. Go ahead and mash it if you’d like to see the whole of the first mission as revealed by studio Realtech VR, including its boss fight.

If you’d prefer to go into Quantum Revenge completely cold, well, we understand.

Isn’t free will a beautiful thing?

Quick Look: Kosmik Revenge – From the Studio Behind Upcoming Quantum Revenge


With the promising looking twin-stick shooter Quantum Revenge on the way, we thought we’d take a quick look at one of Realtech VR’s games currently available on Apple TV – Kosmik Revenge.

We’ve only taken a shallow dive into it so far, but enough to bring you some impressions. It’s a free download with in-app-purchases, so if it sounds like something that’s up your alley, it won’t cost you anything to take a closer look.

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