Early Impressions: Quantum Revenge – Bake Until Gold Brown


Apart from bug fixes, my biggest wish for Quantum Revenge would be to see a simple page of icons and text explaining exactly what the various coloured orbs, gauges, upgrades, and in-app-purchases do. I’m slowly getting on top of them all, and I’m certainly not one for hand-holding, but first-time players could do with an optional screen that covers the basics before jumping in.

I’ll cover what I’ve pieced together in a moment, but first, I’d better explain why I’m still even playing Quantum Revenge if all you’ve read so far is technical issues and a lack of any sort of tutorial.

I’m still playing because it’s fantastic.

The twin-stick shooting gameplay is silky smooth, as are the animations. As you change directions, your giant, weaponised suit of armour will display different turning animations as it’s viewed from different directions. Realtech VR could have easily just had a fixed avatar that spun as if being viewed from a top down angle, but the extra attention to detail really enhances the experience.

Varied and inventive enemies come at you fast and hard from all directions, with differing strengths and attack patterns. Some are cannon fodder busywork, while others are meat and potatoes and need to be handled with care. The action is hectic, with a lot of activity on screen much of the time, creating a wonderful neon-coloured bullet-hell ballet. It’s all very more-ish.

The boss fights at the end of each wave are genuinely imaginative as well.

A quick how-to:

  • Destroy asteroids and enemies to collect currency.
  • Currency can be saved up to unlock new mechs, of which there are five. A sixth can be unlocked from parts you’ll collect as you go.
  • Each mech has a unique special move and super attack.
  • Alternatively, currency can be spent at the end of each game to buy upgrades, such as strengthened armour, offensive or defensive drones, alternative weapons, and so on.
  • Green orbs restore your health.
  • Blue orbs upgrade your current weapon. Taking hits from enemies degrades your weapon.
  • Pink orbs are parts for your sixth mech. 
  • Destroying enemies increases your special move/super attack bar. Until it is at a certain amount, you can only use your special move and not your super attack.
  • If you like your currently equipped weapon, be sure to avoid new weapon drops.
  • On your MFi controller, left trigger activates your special move, and holding in the right trigger activates your super attack.
  • Death means starting from the beginning.

I’ve gone a bit deeper here then I normally would for an “early impressions” piece, and will probably paraphrase much of this in my eventual full review, but I feel that despite its crashing issues and lack of explanation on how to get started, Quantum Revenge is a potential Apple TV gem. It has tonnes of ‘80s anime charm, silky smooth animation and gameplay, and that unquantifiable element of needing just one more go.

Updates have already been coming regularly throughout the week since release, so the studio is obviously doing its best to get on top of things, and even while they do, I’m having a blast with Quantum Revenge.

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