Something Massive Is Coming To Chronos Dungeon

I’ve written it before here on this blog, and I’m about to do so again.

One of the big tent-pole features of Apple Arcade is the fact that your subscription effectively acts as an unending season pass to all future updates of the 200+ games available on the service.

This last week alone has seen some huge game-changing updates – Legends of Kingdom Rush’s new Quick-Play Arena mode, LEGO Brawls themes can now be chosen at will by players, and LEGO Star Wars Castaways saw the inclusion of some excellent new social hub features (fishing!).

It’s a great part of the service, and cements the feeling that games on Apple Arcade are all yours, because after paying the monthly subscription, there is nothing more to pay. No in-app-purchases, and no paid DLC.

Free content updates. It’s one of the things gaming dreams are made of.

Following some social media teasing, it now seems Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is not too far away from an update of its own, and the word used to describe the update by studio Cornfox & Bros. was “massive.”

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Did You Know Action-RPG Titan Quest Is Available On Apple TV?

I screwed up.

When posting a wrap-up of the year that was regarding Apple TV gaming, I missed one of 2021’s biggest releases. This may turn out to be a good thing however, as the game now gets to star in its very own post, unencumbered by other titles clamouring for your Apple TV gaming attention.

And this title definitely looks as though it deserves its very own post.

So with that said, please welcome to centre stage – Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

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