Apple Arcade Games Controller-Compatible, Despite App Store Saying No

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.30.52 am.png

On seeing the above information for Cat Quest II in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store, I felt two things – disappointment, and confusion.

Disappointment because I’d really been looking forward to this isometric action-RPG from The Gentlebros. on the big screen of Apple TV, with a controller in-hand for the full console experience. But as you can see, controller-compatibility is not listed.

Controller-compatibility, when listed, looks like this:

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.32.01 am.png

The confusion came due to a lack of controller support simply not making sense for Cat Quest II. Given that all Apple Arcade games are playable on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs (when macOS Catalina arrives in October), I couldn’t see how a complex console-style action-RPG could possibly have controls shoehorned into the Siri Remote.

Okay I thought, I’ll download it to Apple TV and see for myself.

I’m glad I did.

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PS4 Controllers Turn The Colour Of Apple Arcade


The light bar on Sony’s DualShock 4 is not universally loved. Some have taken such a disliking to it that they’ve actually taped over it to obscure it completely.

I get it.

In a darkened room, the reflection on a television is not ideal, and yet it’s just never bothered me in the least. In fact I’m the complete opposite – I advocate for it, and feel it’s one of those small little details that while seemingly insignificant, helps add up to the overall sum that makes the PS4 such a beautifully crafted machine.

And now, this seldom seen detail is shining its light for the benefit of a gaming console not even made by Sony.

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Way Of The Turtle – An Auto-Runner? Think Again.


From what I’d read so far about Way of the Turtle from Illusion Labs, and from the gameplay I’d seen, I’d relegated it to my list of Apple Arcade games to try out on my iPad.

If I’ve made the effort to set myself up in the lounge room, controller-in-hand, big screen and stereo ready to go, then I want to be playing something that justifies the experience, something that enables complete agency over my avatar in a way that auto-runners don’t.

The casual gaming experience of an auto-runner makes a great fit for mobile, with touch controls enabling a style of play that many developers (such as Halfbrick with Jetpack Joyride) have managed to infuse a healthy amount of depth into, despite the casual nature.

But on the big screen I want full control.

So laying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, I took the opportunity to give Way of the Turtle a chance, to see if it would become one of my go-to auto-runners on iPad.

I soon realised I’d rather be playing it on Apple TV.

It’s actually a 2D platform game with full control: Left, right, stop, and jump.

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Sonic Racing Was Broken On Apple TV, Here’s How I Fixed It


Apple might’ve caught some developers unawares by hitting the big GO button on tvOS 13 a week early, unleashing Apple Arcade on our big screens.

Apple made it very clear leading up to the release of Apple Arcade that all games would be compatible across iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS, so it was confusing that when tvOS got its update, there were some games – such as LEGO Brawls and Sonic Racing – showing as available on iOS and iPadOS, but not tvOS.

Over the last 24 hours however, things seemed to have resolved themselves, as these games are now available on Apple TV as well.

I’d been saving Sonic Racing for the big screen, not wanting to spoil the first-time experience for myself on iOS or iPadOS, and so when it finally appeared I quickly fired up the lounge room, mashed the ‘Get’ button, and booted up SEGA’s hotly anticipated kart racer.

That’s when things went a little pear-shaped.

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How Many Controllers Can You Connect To Apple TV At Once?


Updated May 2021: This story has been updated to include the newly added compatibility for the PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series S and X controllers. Compatibility for these came to tvOS recently via the 14.5 update. The information over the page has been updated accordingly, and the links to Apple’s pages remain current.

Original Story from September 2019:

Love that artwork Apple.

The gaming party is in full swing at the moment on Apple TV, thanks to tvOS 13 arriving a week early, and bringing Apple Arcade along with it.

With dozens and dozens of games to choose from, it can be a bit daunting at first deciding what to try first, and if you need help choosing, then let ATVG help carry your burden and head on over here to find out which four games I played first. Feel free to follow in my footsteps, my first night of Apple Arcade gaming on Apple TV was a cracker.

It seems there’s at least one of almost every genre to choose from on Apple Arcade, with more on the way, and many classic genres such as 2d fighters and kart racers really shine with local multiplayer. With this in mind, and also prompted by a long time reader’s recent question, I though why not take a look at just what you can connect to your Apple TV, and how many.

The results over the page might surprise you, and help you to realise that you actually own a very capable gaming console.

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Is There a Tekken or Street Fighter-Style Game on Apple Arcade?


Actually yes, there is.

Right now, long time readers might be having a subtle, creeping sense of déjà vu.

Haven’t you read that headline somewhere before? And those first four words?

You have.

Way back in January 2017, I posted an article which has since found its way into ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts of 2017, and also 2018.

Players still seem to love 2D fighters, and since the start of 2017 they’ve been finding their way to the virtual shores of ATVG via a question typed into a search engine. Up until now, Gameloft’s Gods of Rome has been the only half-decent offering on Apple TV, and while it’s okay, it’s certainly a very lite take on the fighting genre.

With the arrival of Apple Arcade to Apple TV however, a ship has docked at ATVG’s harbour, carrying dozens and dozens of very welcome new inhabitants, with at least one  representative for nearly every gaming genre imaginable.

And one of them really knows how to handle themselves.

Welcome to Punch Planet.

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The First Four Apple Arcade Games I Played On Apple TV


I’m frozen by indecision.

In my mind’s eye I’m standing at the foot of a wall of games, leaning back and craning my neck as it stretches up endlessly out of sight.

Where to start?

Just pick one.

I watch trailers and start downloading titles madly, adding them to the newly created folder I’ve called Apple Arcade. All I’m succeeding in doing is transferring Apple Arcade to my folder. This isn’t helping.

Just pick one.

I’m mesmerised by those beautifully stylised joysticks signifying the different categories – Action, Adventure, Platform, and my three favourite letters of the alphabet – R, P, and G.

Just. Pick. One.

So I pick four, and decide on an order. You’ve gotta start somewhere right?


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Studio Says Mouse And Keyboard Best Way To Play ShockRods


Update: ShockRods is out now on Apple Arcade.

Original story: The age-old rivalry between between the PC master race and console gamers may never die. And don’t even mention mobile gaming.

The beautiful thing about Apple Arcade is it supports all three, allowing subscribers the freedom of choice to partake in their preferred gaming flavour.

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for ShockRods in ATVG’s massive list of 61 Apple Arcade games, you’re in for a treat over the page.

ShockRods fills a gap in the multiplayer arena-shooter genre for Apple Arcade, and studio Stainless Games is not shy about its recommendation for the best way to play.

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For ATVG, The Real Apple Arcade Starts September 30


Update: Since posting this story Apple has since brought the release of iPadOS forward one week from September 30 to the 24th. For The Apple TV Gaming Blog however, September 30 is still where the big cheese is at. Read on, folks.

Original Story: It’s all in the name: The Apple TV Gaming Blog.

At WWDC 2016, Apple unveiled the fourth generation Apple TV. I’d already been making good use of my third generation Apple TV for streaming media, but when these slightly taller, slightly fatter hockey pucks hit shelves, I bought one, along with a Steel Series Nimbus controller; I realised I’d seen the invention of a new gaming console, and I wanted in early. Hands-on.

Halfbrick’s Dan The Man was a revelation. It didn’t innovate, but it felt so fresh. A 2D action-platforming brawler with a main character that felt like a mascot.

In December 2016, the lights were turned on in this new little corner of the Internet I’d made my own, and Dan The Man holds pride of place as ATVG’s first ever review. Everything that I wrote in that review I stand by today. Dan The Man encapsulates the arcade-immediacy that both honours the past and embraces modernity – without cynicism. Homage and respect, not nostalgia.

Three years on, here we are, at Apple Arcade.

Well… almost.

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Oceanhorn 2: New Story Trailer For Apple Arcade Launch Title


January 2017. That’s when ATVG first caught wind of the fact that Cornfox & Bros were developing Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, reached out to the studio, and received an encouraging response from the team:

“Yes, Apple TV is on our target list.”

Following that original story, and many stories later, here we are today, just a few days away from release. Cornfox & Bros made the official announcement today that Oceanhorn 2 will be releasing as a launch title for Apple Arcade on September 19, and along with the announcement came an entirely new story trailer which you can check out over on the next page.

Apple Arcade will release first on iOS at the end of this week, with Apple TV and iPad following at the end of the month (and macOS in October), so Apple TV gamers will have a little longer to wait to experience this very console-like title on Apple’s very console-like console. You’ll even be able to pair your PS4 or Xbox controller to your Apple TV to complete the experience.

To catch up on all the Apple Arcade details, including a massive mega-list of 61 games coming to the service, click through right here. There’s a lot of trailers to get your head around.

If you’re wanting to start getting primed for Oceanhorn 2, then over the page you’ll find links to all the stories ATVG has posted thus far, including a look at the main characters, the voice actor behind the game’s villain, and even 15 minutes of continuous gameplay footage.


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