Oceanhorn 2: New Story Trailer For Apple Arcade Launch Title


January 2017. That’s when ATVG first caught wind of the fact that Cornfox & Bros were developing Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, reached out to the studio, and received an encouraging response from the team:

“Yes, Apple TV is on our target list.”

Following that original story, and many stories later, here we are today, just a few days away from release. Cornfox & Bros made the official announcement today that Oceanhorn 2 will be releasing as a launch title for Apple Arcade on September 19, and along with the announcement came an entirely new story trailer which you can check out over on the next page.

Apple Arcade will release first on iOS at the end of this week, with Apple TV and iPad following at the end of the month (and macOS in October), so Apple TV gamers will have a little longer to wait to experience this very console-like title on Apple’s very console-like console. You’ll even be able to pair your PS4 or Xbox controller to your Apple TV to complete the experience.

To catch up on all the Apple Arcade details, including a massive mega-list of 61 games coming to the service, click through right here. There’s a lot of trailers to get your head around.

If you’re wanting to start getting primed for Oceanhorn 2, then over the page you’ll find links to all the stories ATVG has posted thus far, including a look at the main characters, the voice actor behind the game’s villain, and even 15 minutes of continuous gameplay footage.



Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 9.34.01 pm

In April 2017 ATVG posted a roundup of six very promising looking upcoming Apple TV games, with Oceanhorn 2 obviously making the cut. The other five on that list are definitely worth reading about too, with a couple of them still on the way.

May 2017 then saw Cornfox & Bros unveil 15 minutes of continuous gameplay footage at the Nordic Games Conference, sparking many comparisons to Breath of the Wild, which had released only a couple of months prior.

Winding the clock forward a little to January 2018, and a raft of new screenshots were revealed, showing an increasingly polished title.

GDC 2018 (March) gave us a new trailer to gawk at, set within Oceanhorn 2’s Great Jungle of Pirta, with our heroes taking on the Dark Army. It was also in this trailer we saw the game’s grappling hook being put to good use.

To help celebrate the studio’s fifth birthday, Cornfox & Bros unveiled a brand new website in November 2018, and started issuing regular blog posts, drip feeding more and more details of the upcoming JRPG.

Oceanhorn 2 made yet another of ATVG’s roundups, when I published this list in December 2018 of the most anticipated Apple TV games coming in 2019. Little did I know at that stage that Apple Arcade would be bringing more than 100 new guests to the party.

The three main characters were revealed in January 2019, and ATVG took a deep dive into the personalities and attributes of Hero (yes, Hero), Trin, and Gen.

Finally in May this year, I posted this story about the voice actor playing Oceanhorn 2’s villain, having previously starred as Noctis in a little title called Final Fantasy XV.

It’s been a long lead up to Oceanhorn 2’s release, and while it’s always a bit of a gamble riding that hype train and potentially setting yourself up for disappointment, ATVG has a lot of optimism for this title that’s been touted as something of a flagship for the Apple Arcade service. Oceanhorn 2 is easily the most console-like game on the list (although ShockRods is another solid contender), and no doubt one of the most anticipated.

Here’s the new story trailer, released just today ahead of this week’s launch:

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