Cornfox Reveals 2020 Roadmap For Oceanhorn 2 – Big Content Update


Just prior to the launch of Oceanhorn 2 in September, ATVG posted this story revealing the final trailer before the studio hit the big go button. That story is the best way to catch up on this site’s coverage of the sequel, from its initial announcement right through to launch, as I’ve packed all the necessary links into it.

Now that launch has come and gone, and some of you may have even finished it by now (with 101 Apple Arcade games to play, I’ve yet to take much of a bite out of it), it’s time to look to the future.

Today Cornfox did just that, revealing plans for some big updates in 2020.



The first stop along that roadmap will be update 1.5, which the studio says will be “out asap,” and focuses on “squashing a couple of nasty bugs – including the Palace of Courage one – and fixing some technical issues,” Cornfox revealed in its newsletter.

Beyond that, comes 2020. In quarter one of next year, player feedback will be addressed in an “under-the-hood” update, implementing things such as more transparent game mechanics, and better explained control schemes.

The more interesting aspect of this initial update of 2020 will be “opening up the ending” and bridging the story somehow to the original in the series – Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas. Also, some “meat” will be added to the mid-game section, which might entice those who’ve already finished the game to venture back in to see what’s what.

The second major update will focus on content, will lots of “new stuff” dropping. Cornfox kept that new stuff to itself for now, but revealed the update will be big enough that it will get its own name, which sounds more like an expansion than a simple update.

As we know with an Apple Arcade subscription, games that are part of the service contain no in-app-purchases, so this update will be hitting for free.

“Novel areas to explore and lore to unveil,” Cornfox teased for this “Big Content Update.”

More flesh on the bone in a hefty, free expansion for what is already a pretty meaty and high-quality JRPG? Yes please.

Maybe I can squeeze in some more gaming if I sleep less.

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