Something Massive Is Coming To Chronos Dungeon

I’ve written it before here on this blog, and I’m about to do so again.

One of the big tent-pole features of Apple Arcade is the fact that your subscription effectively acts as an unending season pass to all future updates of the 200+ games available on the service.

This last week alone has seen some huge game-changing updates – Legends of Kingdom Rush’s new Quick-Play Arena mode, LEGO Brawls themes can now be chosen at will by players, and LEGO Star Wars Castaways saw the inclusion of some excellent new social hub features (fishing!).

It’s a great part of the service, and cements the feeling that games on Apple Arcade are all yours, because after paying the monthly subscription, there is nothing more to pay. No in-app-purchases, and no paid DLC.

Free content updates. It’s one of the things gaming dreams are made of.

Following some social media teasing, it now seems Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is not too far away from an update of its own, and the word used to describe the update by studio Cornfox & Bros. was “massive.”

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Disney Melee Mania – Early Impressions On Apple TV

The Apple TV Gaming Blog is about to fire up the Apple TV 4K (first-gen) and take Disney Melee Mania through its paces. It’s Friday morning here in the land down under, a pot of coffee has been brewed specifically for the task, and now it’s game on.

The studio behind Disney’s latest Apple Arcade outing – Mighty Bear Games – also brought Butter Royale to the gaming subscription service, and regular readers will know that ATVG gave Butter Royale the gong for best Apple TV game of 2020.

Butter Royale just gets everything right, taking the battle royale genre and viewing it top-down as a twin-stick shooter, with perfect shooting mechanics, warm, friendly food-themed weaponry, the perfect match lengths for a very more-ish gameplay loop and gorgeous, bright, cartoon visuals with tonnes of characters to unlock and upgrade.

If Disney Melee Mania turns out to be nothing more than a Disney-skinned Butter Royale, you won’t find any complaints from this corner of the Southern Hemisphere.

But will it bring more to the table than the game that put Might Bear Games on the map?

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ATVG’s Best Games Of 2021 – Fantasian and Beach Buggy Racing 2


While posts on this site have been few and far between this year, I couldn’t let December go without the usual awards and end of year wrap up (which you’ll find right here).

I’ve chosen two games this year, one Apple Arcade title, and one non-Apple Arcade title.

The end of year wrap up was enough of a preamble, so let’s get straight into it.

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Apple TV Gaming In 2021 – Can It Be Your Primary Gaming Console?

December 2021, and gaming media outlets have entered the season of Best Of lists, awards and State of Play roundups across the major gaming platforms. The Apple TV Gaming Blog (which is, by the way, the best Apple TV gaming blog in the world) has essentially been dormant since May this year, having crawled under a rock while other hobbies were pursued.

But I wanted to post something for the end of the year, even if it was just a gibberish-laden screed with a very loose eye on the Apple TV gaming year that was, and to make sure any readers who still diligently check for new posts (anyone still out there?), see this new post, and then continue to diligently check for new posts.

Apart from the post you’re reading right now, I’ll also crank out a game of the year post. It’ll be tough, a lot of quality games were released for Apple TV in 2021. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to enjoy most of them, but if you’ve checked that box, and you’re not interested in triple A games, then you’ve got access to some of the best gaming releases of the year on any platform. Let’s call them triple indie.

Last year’s choice was Butter Royale, which you can read all about right here. What will it be for 2021? A story for another time.

For now, let’s gather ’round the fire (or air conditioner if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere), pour ourselves a late-night brandy, and reminisce on 2021. Not just in general, but on Apple TV gaming.

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Apple Arcade’s The Survivalists – Huge Farming Update (And So Much More)

If you’re looking for games within the survival genre to play on your Apple TV, then an Apple Arcade subscription will unlock more biomes, crafting benches, farming options, resource management, recipes to cook, labyrinths to explore and enemies to vanquish then you could ever possibly have time for.

Check out Stranded Sails, Outlanders, Cozy Grove, Nightmare Farm, The Oregon Trail, Sneaky Sasquatch (maybe not strictly a survival game but it sure ticks a lot of the boxes), and of course the star of today’s story – The Survivalists (it’s right there in the game’s title!).

The genre really seems to have taken off on Apple’s subscription service.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll have enough hours in the day to do them all justice, but with all these survival game options available on Apple TV, you’ll no doubt find at least one that floats your boat (or completely wrecks it right at the start of the game). From there it’s a case of learning the mechanics, peeling off layers of depth and complexity, and making that game’s world your own.

Today’s titular subject, and the reason ATVG has teed off on a survivalist tangent, is the fact that The Survivalists from Team 17 today received a massive update, promising to carve even more hours out of the day or night. Or both.

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Apple’s Gaming Console Takes A Step In The Right Direction

Two significant things happened today in the world of Apple TV gaming.

The first was the news that Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure is headed to Apple TV in one week’s time. That was definitely a win/win with no downside, and came as a complete surprise.

The second was the announcement of an updated Apple TV 4K, packing in more horsepower under the hood, and another step in the endlessly fascinating evolution of Apple’s weird little gaming console that many would have you believe is not really a gaming console.

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My Favourite Thing About Wonderbox? Doorways

Yesterday saw more than 30 games added to Apple Arcade, and some intriguing (if slightly confusing) changes, which you can read about right here.

One of the many new games is Wonderbox, which has been waiting patiently in Apple Arcade’s Coming Soon section for several months now, and there is a lot to love about it.

Wonderbox is all about creativity, and I can’t wait to see what Aquiris has up its sleeve for this amazing game’s future. I also can’t wait to see the weird and wonderful things players create with its level maker.

But the thing that’s most captured my attention? Wonderbox’s shimmering doorways. You could write poetry about those damn doorways.

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Apple Arcade Splits Into Arcade Originals, Timeless Classics, App Store Greats

Yesterday started out as a fairly normal Friday as far as all things Apple Arcade go, with the release of two new Arcade titles marking the end of the week.

That in itself is not unusual.

The quality of those two new releases – Wonderbox and Fantasian – elevated that fairly normal Friday to an exceptional one. Both are outstanding games, and both are a particularly good fit for Apple TV, screaming to be played via Arcade’s console option.

I was one of the fortunate few who found themselves with a copy of Wonderbox weirdly downloaded to Apple TV a whole week ago following a strange release hiccup, and I’ve been playing it pretty solidly since. So with Fantasian being the shiny new thing, I logged four and a half hours into Mistwalker’s beautiful new JRPG yesterday, and plan to log many more (you can read about my first 11 minutes right here).

At about 11.45pm, I switched off the Nimbus, powered down the Apple TV 4K (which in turn automatically turned off my TV, handy), off with the surround sound system, and put the electric recliner back into seating position so my wife wouldn’t end up face planting into the lounge room rug in the middle of the night (again).

Off to bed, grabbed the iPad and checked my emails one last time before sleep.

A press release from Apple tells me more than 30 new games have just been added to Apple Arcade.

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Finally Fantasian Hits Apple Arcade

It’s been two years and two days since posting this story, which outlined everything ATVG knew about Apple Arcade following its big reveal onstage, including the unveiling of Mistwalker’s Fantasian.

Feels more like ten years and ten days ago.

But here we are, and I’ve just played Fantasian for eleven minutes.

It’s out. As I’m sure you know.

Oh my.

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Wow. Edge Magazine Tells Gamers Not To Buy Nuts Until Available On Bigger Screens

Don’t get me wrong – I like Edge Magazine.

Mostly solid writers, interesting editorial pieces, and that page layout – gorgeous. 10/10 for artistic flair.

But when you’re wrong you’re wrong. And when being wrong effects readers who are looking for advice on how to spend the dollars they’ve budgeted for gaming, and also the developers (in this case, studio Noodlecake) who have worked their arses off making the game being written about, then something needs to be said.

I’m not writing this as an Apple fanboy (although I am one), I’m writing it as a fan of quality reporting and facts.

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