My Favourite Thing About Wonderbox? Doorways

Yesterday saw more than 30 games added to Apple Arcade, and some intriguing (if slightly confusing) changes, which you can read about right here.

One of the many new games is Wonderbox, which has been waiting patiently in Apple Arcade’s Coming Soon section for several months now, and there is a lot to love about it.

Wonderbox is all about creativity, and I can’t wait to see what Aquiris has up its sleeve for this amazing game’s future. I also can’t wait to see the weird and wonderful things players create with its level maker.

But the thing that’s most captured my attention? Wonderbox’s shimmering doorways. You could write poetry about those damn doorways.

Hit the Continue button for more (but I promise, no poetry).

Standing in front of them they ripple with the rainbow colours of oil on water, almost as if they’re anticipating the player’s final step of commitment before being ushered into a new diorama that might be dark and stormy, sunny and cheerful, filled with light through trees or enemies brandishing sharp objects.

The way Aquiris has depicted these entrances and exits perfectly captures the mystery of not knowing what’s on the other side, but wanting to know, and also not wanting to know, because you’re quite happy right where you are, staring through a damn doorway.

The consideration and execution of this one simple aspect of Wonderbox is indicative of the care that’s been put into the game as a whole.

Wonderbox knows it’s beautiful, it even has a photo mode to prove it:


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