Blowfish Studios Announces Delay for Morphite Release


A quick public service announcement – the release of the promising looking Morphite has been delayed.

The previously announced September 7 release date has been pushed back, but only by two weeks, and will now hit digital storefronts on the 21st.

The announcement came today via social media, as Blowfish Studios posted on its Facebook page:

“We’re sorry, everyone! But we want to offer you a good experience on launch, so the #Morphite release has been delayed to September 21 for all platforms!”

While delays are never fun for any party involved, we’d rather see a more polished release than a hastily patched post-release fix.

You can read a bunch more about this collaboration between We’re Five Games, Crescent Moon Games, and Blowfish Studios right here.

In the meantime, open world survival FPS Radiation City just hit Apple this week, check it out.

Zombie Survival FPS Radiation City Out Now on Apple TV


My memory tells me that ninjas were at the top of the food chain in the ‘80s, as far as B-grade action movies and games go. The ‘90s and ‘00s saw various combinations and permutations of aliens, pirates, vampires and werewolves taking turns at being the flavour of the day, sometimes even fighting each other. More recently, for the last half a dozen years or so, zombies have ruled the entertainment roost. Despite having no personality, no sex appeal, and no table manners whatsoever, these disgusting, decomposing freaks just simply cannot be killed.

Let’s face it though, zombies make for great cannon fodder in video games, and combining the walking dead with the open world survival genre, results in a match made in post-apocalyptic heaven (or as some might say, hell). Open world survival games are in short supply on the Apple TV platform, with Minecraft possibly being the only example. Until now.

The release this week of Radiation City from Atypical Games makes two.

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Brain&Brain Announce PS4 Release Date, Tease Art from Upcoming Game 


A recent email from studio Brain&Brain – the artful creators of Burly Men at Sea – came baring both information and a mystery. One unknown vanquished with a release date, replaced by a new unknown in the form of physical art being created by Brooke Condolora for an as yet unannounced game.

As to the first, we now know that PS4 and Vita players will have the opporurtuniy to spend time with Burly Men At Sea come September 19th. You can check out the full details on the PlayStation Blog here. ATVG had a lot of fun with the bearded whimsy and storybook wisdom of Brain&Brain’s adventures on Apple TV (don’t just take my word for it, read my review), and it’s great to see this delightful title being made available across as many platforms as possible.

But what of the email’s mystery?

And what does a wolf have to do with any of this?

Wait…what wolf?

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Early Impressions: Super Phantom Cat 2


Apple TV gamers looking for a fresh new 2D platform game to ride into the weekend are in luck – Super Phantom Cat 2 released roughly 24 hours ago, and it won’t cost you a cent to get into the action. (Players will require a controller though).

Chinese studio Veewo Games has switched to a free-to-play structure for its sequel, with monetisation supported by currencies and timers. While players on iPhone and iPad will see ads as well, Apple TV gamers have a unique advantage (and developers a unique disadvantage) in that ads on Apple TV games are disabled. It’s an interesting quirk that separates the platform from its portable cousins, and one that I’m sure would be a great jumping off point for some editorial rambling. Not now though, there’s games to play.

Should you make room in your life for yet another 2D platform game? There are certainly some excellent options available – check out ATVG’s reviews of Leo’s Fortune, Le Parker: Sous Chef Extroadinaire, and Dan The Man for some great ways to start exploring the genre on Apple TV.

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Watch 2017’s Total Solar Eclipse on NASA’s Apple TV App


Totality is the time in which the Sun is completely covered by the Moon during a total solar eclipse, and having experienced it myself, I’ll simply report that words cannot do those precious minutes justice. I can completely understand how those with the means to do so make a lifestyle of chasing the experience repeatedly. There is even a name for them – Umbraphiles.

Total solar eclipses occur frequently enough, but rarely in populated and easily accessible locales, reminding us just how vast this blue marble on which we balance really is.

In just over a week, on August 21st, the USA will be treated to an eclipse that will cross from coast to coast, viewable by a fortunate many. Not all of us will have the luxury of being in the right place at the right time, but thankfully, NASA has us covered, creating a new, modern breed of armchair-umbraphiles.

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Jumping in with a very quick post here, and no, I’m not shouting at you with caps lock in the headline, it just wouldn’t feel right typing “Taito.” The company that brought Space Invaders to the world also seems to want its Ray-trilogy to be known for its capitals, except for the first one – RayForce, which is weirdly inconsistent.

The news came from TAITO today via this Tweet:

“TAITO CorporationRAYCRISIS, the final installment in TAITO’s classic RAY series of arcade shooting games, locks on to iPhone & Android! via @TAITO”

Of course the Tweet forgot to mention Apple TV compatibility, but you can only do so much with 140 characters.

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Swim Out – Stylish Puzzle Game Releases August 10th


This weekend ATVG accepted an invitation from French studio Lozange Lab to check out the final build of Swim Out via TestFlight – Apple’s platform that enables developers to beta test upcoming apps and games. We’re glad we did.

There’s an awful lot of puzzle shovel ware on Apple TV’s App Store, and it takes something pretty special to stand out from the crowd, but Swim Out might just have what it takes to lure keen puzzle fanatics to its shores.

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From The ATVG Bunker: 4K Rumours and What We’re Playing 


Without actually going back and fact checking, I’d say 10 days is the longest ATVG has gone without any posts since spawning back in December 2016. After breaking radio silence earlier today with our post on the upcoming Swim Out, we thought what better way to get back up to speed than with a From The ATVG Bunker post?

These posts – and you can read the first one here – are an umbrella under which to shelter ATVG’s editorial ramblings that may not be laser-focused on one specific topic. It’s a great way to play catchup, provide some sort of narrative through line for regular readers, and a self-indulgent opportunity to colour outside the lines a little.

To find out what’s currently being played in the ATVG Bunker, musings on the lack of any mention of Apple TV during the recent quarterly report, and for some fifth generation Apple TV rumours, hit the page 2 button below.