Swim Out – Stylish Puzzle Game Releases August 10th


The Siri Remote is all you’ll need to dive into Lozange Lab’s upcoming title. Swim Out is essentially a turn-based sliding block puzzle, tasking players with guiding a swimmer from one end of a pool to the other, one space at a time. Each space that you move, causes other swimmers and obstacles to move their allotted turn, with the idea being to avoid contact.

It’s a simple premise, but one that Lozange Lab has executed with such a stylish aesthetic and care that the complete package ends up being more than the sum of its parts.

The visuals are exactingly clean, and branded in a consistently cool charm that evokes magazine graphics of the 1960s, while somehow still achieving a modern, fresh feel.

The aural soundscape conjures cool breezes, gently lapping water, and relaxed poolside chatter, combining with the visuals to create a very relaxed experience that tempers the fiendish puzzles.

As is the norm with any puzzle game worth its salt, levels start out quite easy, and gradually ramp up in difficulty and complexity, introducing new obstacles along the way. There are collectibles such as beach balls that when thrown at another swimmer cause them to freeze for a turn, others such as fins that enable your avatar to move two spaces at once, and much more.

Swim Out’s comfortable atmosphere perfectly offsets the head scratching tasks that make up the gameplay, and for those looking for their next puzzle fix to enjoy on the big screen, Siri Remote in hand – and possibly a cool Mojito to one side –  should definitely check it out when it hits Apple TV on August 10th.

Those same fans of quality puzzle games should also check out Framed 2 from Australian studio Loveshack, and Cobra Mobile’s Red’s Kingdom.

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