From The ATVG Bunker: 4K Rumours and What We’re Playing 


Without actually going back and fact checking, I’d say 10 days is the longest ATVG has gone without any posts since spawning back in December 2016. After breaking radio silence earlier today with our post on the upcoming Swim Out, we thought what better way to get back up to speed than with a From The ATVG Bunker post?

These posts – and you can read the first one here – are an umbrella under which to shelter ATVG’s editorial ramblings that may not be laser-focused on one specific topic. It’s a great way to play catchup, provide some sort of narrative through line for regular readers, and a self-indulgent opportunity to colour outside the lines a little.

To find out what’s currently being played in the ATVG Bunker, musings on the lack of any mention of Apple TV during the recent quarterly report, and for some fifth generation Apple TV rumours, hit the page 2 button below.