Apple Comments On Steam Link App Rejection


As ATVG suspected, this story continues to unfold, and it seems that all might not be lost for those hoping to one day be playing games purchased via Steam on their Apple hardware.

For those starting from scratch, you can get up to speed right here with our story following Valve’s original press release announcing the proposed app.

But then Apple rejected the app.

And some, for good reason, believe that was the right decision. ATVG interviewed Legendo Entertainment’s Björn Larsson over the weekend, who provided some valuable insights into why Steam Link may not be the best step forward for Apple.

A piece over on MacStories however, may renew hope for those in the pro-Steam Link app camp.

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The Flip-Side: Perhaps Apple Was Right To Reject The Steam Link App


In a nutshell for those playing catch-up, Valve Corporation applied in early May to get its Steam Link app onto Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) and tvOS (Apple TV) App Stores. The Steam Link app would’ve allowed players to stream games bought via Steam for PC onto Apple’s hardware. 

Most, myself included, agreed that this seemed like a good idea. 

Apple at first said yes, but then reconsidered and said no, rejecting Valve’s Steam Link app. 

Like many other sites, after reading news of the rejection I posted a story reflecting on what could’ve been. I hadn’t even considered the other side of the argument, or that there even was one, which, to be honest, was lazy. I hadn’t even seen anyone write an opposing opinion. 

Until I read Björn Larsson’s (the head of Legendo Entertainment) comment in my Twitter feed:

“Pleased to read Apple has blocked Valve Corporation’s Steam Link app, I hope it’s a permanent ban. Note to Steam: Get your own eco-system and tools in order and up to par before you go infect others,” Larsson Tweeted.

And it made me think. 

There’s value in trying to understand any argument that goes against popular opinion, and so I reached out to Larsson asking him to expand on his point of view. 

And I’m glad I did. 

Full Patch Notes Revealed For Upcoming Shadowgun Legends Update


May 30th. Let’s get that out of the way first, because what you really want to know is when.

ATVG previously posted a preview of the incoming content update for Shadowgun Legends, and we knew a bunch, but only the vague outlines. Late this week however, Madfinger Games has coloured in the remaining blanks by releasing the full patch notes for Shadowgun Legends version 0.5.0, releasing at the end of May. And it’s a huge update.

Originally scheduled for mid-May, it was delayed to make way for a smaller preliminary update, paving the way to the main attraction with a bunch of bug fixes. Probably a good idea.

In Madfinger’s weekly stream, we even got a peak at some gameplay video of the revamped Hub, and there’s some interesting additions. Along with a look at some of the big-ticket items coming in the 0.5.0 update, the stream is embedded over on page 2.

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 is Getting A Premium Apple TV Version

33477512_1861012957277218_6019163964015902720_o Updated May 2021: Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure is out now on Apple TV. Have a read of ATVG’s impressions right here. Original story: Since December 2016, ATVG – the site you’re reading right now – has been banging on about Apple TV’s validity as a gaming console. We’ve even stopped calling it a microconsole, feeling that the term doesn’t quite fit what the platform is capable of offering, and instead took to calling it a digital-only console. It plays games on the big screen of your lounge room with full controller compatibility, and a bunch of its games are also available on PS4 and Xbox One. In our interview with Xander Davis, the head of Astrogun went so far as to say “…there’s actually little difference with what you can do on an Apple TV versus a PS4, except for horsepower (and the gap is closing), at this point.” Studio Vector Unit recently celebrated a decade of making games, and it’s been getting behind the platform as well, with its fifth title for Apple TV – Beach Buggy Racing 2 – scheduled for release in early 2019. Interestingly, Vector Unit’s kart racing sequel for Apple TV is not releasing alongside its mobile counterparts, but instead with the console versions. This is a significant break from the norm. Hit the page 2 button below for more.

Bummer. Apple Rejected Valve’s Steam Link App


The Oxford Dictionary of English dates the word kibosh as originating from the mid-19th century, with its definition noted as “put an end to; dispose of decisively.”

Given its age, kibosh as a word feels somewhat timeless; as effective today in the 21st century as it’s ever been.

With this in mind, we can reveal that iOS site Toucharcade is today reporting that Apple has put the kibosh on Valve Corporation’s plans to bring its Steam Link app to Apple’s  devices.


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Diggerman: We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Screen


Some Apple TV games – such as these that are also available on PS4 and Xbox One – should be played with a controller. They’re traditional, fully-featured video games that feel like a good fit for a large screen and a console.

Some Apple TV games – such as these – should be played using the Siri Remote. Their simple mechanics warrant a simple input method that makes a controller feel like overkill, yet they still have enough gaming meat on their bones and pleasing visual  qualities to enable them to not feel out of place on the big screen.

Rarely do these two categories intersect. An Apple TV game either feels wrong or right with a controller or Siri Remote.

The ones that don’t feel at home with either input method fall into a third category. These are games that are much better suited to the smaller, portable screens of our iPhones and iPads. Their simplicity, whether that be visual, mechanical, or both, causes them to feel out of place in a console environment.

Diggerman falls into this third category.

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It’s Official: Ammo Pigs Reboot Coming To Apple TV


In real life, pigs are always on the wrong end of the gun.

In the land of video games however, carved from pixels and a healthy dose of crazy, it’s perfectly reasonable to accept the paradigm shift, knowing that in this world, the pig has the ammo.

Sure, at first he’s a little reluctant to take up arms – a washed up Expendable perhaps – but after finding out the lives of his squad mates are at stake, he’s in.

Or should I say, he’s back.

What am I on about?

Ammo Pigs.

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Real Racing 3 Celebrates Its Fourth Year Of Le Mans


A huge free update for Real Racing 3 rolled out overnight, bringing another year of Le Mans celebrations to Firemonkeys’ racer.

Given that Le Mans is the world’s most famous endurance race, endurance racing appropriately features heavily in this update. There are new cars (dating all the way back to 1970), new Motorsports Groups, a revamp of the Real Racing TV hub, and a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks.

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Soon You’ll Be Able To Play Steam Games Via Apple TV


A press release today from Valve Corporation adds up to kind of a big deal for those who own an Apple TV and compatible controller. And a Mac or PC with a Steam client. And fast internet.

If you tick all those boxes, in about 11 days time those ten million unplayed titles you’ve accumulated over the years during Steam sales will be accessible right on your Apple TV.

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5 Of The Best Tips For Shadowgun Legends

7. Coop With Friends

ATVG has been going pretty hard at Shadowgun Legends since Madfinger Games released its excellent sci-fi FPS MMO back in March, and you can get up to speed with our full review right here.

The studio is scheduled to release its first big content update in mid-May, and with two new raids on the way, right now is a great time to learn how to maximise your efforts.

These five tips won’t revolutionise your gameplay, but they’ll definitely add a little edge to your efficiency. They’re great common-sense ideas; the sorts of things that may not occur to you until someone points out the bleeding obvious.

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