Diggerman: We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Screen


Some Apple TV games – such as these that are also available on PS4 and Xbox One – should be played with a controller. They’re traditional, fully-featured video games that feel like a good fit for a large screen and a console.

Some Apple TV games – such as these – should be played using the Siri Remote. Their simple mechanics warrant a simple input method that makes a controller feel like overkill, yet they still have enough gaming meat on their bones and pleasing visual  qualities to enable them to not feel out of place on the big screen.

Rarely do these two categories intersect. An Apple TV game either feels wrong or right with a controller or Siri Remote.

The ones that don’t feel at home with either input method fall into a third category. These are games that are much better suited to the smaller, portable screens of our iPhones and iPads. Their simplicity, whether that be visual, mechanical, or both, causes them to feel out of place in a console environment.

Diggerman falls into this third category.

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