Diggerman: We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Screen


After receiving the notification on my iPhone that it had hit the App Store, thanks to Apple’s handy new pre-order system, I jumped in on that same device to get a quick feel for it. I discovered a fun little arcade diversion that would be ideal for the train ride home from work, or a ten minute coffee break.

Hitting the left side of your touchscreen causes your avatar to go diagonally down and to the left one position, while hitting the right side does the opposite, and there’s no going back. Down you go setting off rolling boulders and collecting treasure chests and coins, set within a frantic, fun arcade experience.

Within the Apple TV environment, hitting the right or left side of the Siri Remote’s touchscreen does nothing unless you actually click in the overall button. The touchscreen button of the remote has quite a lot of travel to register a click, and the frantic nature of Diggerman requiring constant button-pressing made me feel sorry for the Siri Remote.

Switching to the controller input method felt overly complex for such a simple game. Rather than simply hitting A for Left and B for Right, or maybe mapping Left and Right to the d-pad or thumbstick, movement requires choosing to pull left or right on the thumbstick and then hitting A to register your choice and causing your avatar to move. It felt like having to engage the clutch to put your character in gear before being able to move.

Even if the interface was tweaked towards a simpler input method for Apple TV, Diggerman feels like a much better fit as a portable, quick-fix arcade game than something you’d settle in and get comfortable for on a console.

Digital Melody’s other Apple TV offering – Runventure – is a fun Pitfall-like 2D platform romp, and a much better fit for the big screen and a controller.

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