Kill, Die, Learn, Repeat – Dead Cells Coming To Apple TV


In yesterday’s post I teased that something exciting was coming to Apple TV.

Dead Cells? Excited? ATVG is.

The vast majority of Apple TV games are of course ports of iOS games, and while there are some quality titles among them, the hardware is capable of more. A big flatscreen, controller in hand, and some processing power makes for a console, and deep down, I think Apple TV gamers are really wanting more gaming experiences that validate the console they know they already own.

Way back in 2017, Xander Davis of Astrogun told ATVG, “…there’s actually little difference with what you can do on an Apple TV versus a PS4, except for horsepower (and the gap is closing), at this point.”

Also, mobile hardware has some ridiculous horsepower under the hood, and thankfully, some studios when bringing console titles to iOS have gone the extra mile and added in tvOS and MFi controller support.

Such is the case with publisher Playdigious. Having already brought the excellent Teslagrad from Rain Games to Apple TV, the team will next publish French developer Motion Twin’s rogue-lite, metroidvania, action-platformer – Dead Cells.

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PS4 and Xbox One Controller Support Coming To Apple TV – Just In Time For Apple Arcade

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.21.17 am

And with that little bombshell, dropped onstage by Apple CEO Tim Cook at yesterday’s WWDC 2019 keynote, the puzzle pieces continue to fall into place for Apple Arcade.

Just over two years ago, prior to WWDC 2017, I asked developers what they would like to see announced for Apple TV in relation to gaming, and the common thread was an Apple-designed controller.

Two years on, following yesterday’s announcement, those developers didn’t quite get what they wanted, but maybe they got what they needed.

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Steam Link – Apple TV’s Current Number One Free Game Is Not A Game


Surprised? Me neither.

An app that turns your Apple TV into a portal for games purchased through Valve’s digital storefront, was always destined for that number one spot. And not much more than 24 hours after the Steam Link app became available too. Sneaking in front of Crossy Roads and Real Racing 3, Steam Link shot straight to number one with a bullet.

ATVG has had mixed feelings regarding the Steam Link app ever since it was announced this time last year. At first I was excited.

Then Apple rejected it, and I was not excited.

Developer Björn Larsson of Legendo Entertainment then helped me to see the flip side, and I thought, hmmm, maybe Apple was right to reject it.

Apple then finally decided to comment on the whole saga.

And now that it’s out, how do I feel?


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Voice Actor Behind Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis To Play Oceanhorn 2 Villain


Despite all the emo-boy-band-on-a-road-trip jokes, Final Fantasy XV was a solid addition to the decades-old JRPG series.

I’ve never been one to get much into crafting in RPGs, but discovering new recipes to rustle up around the campfire was a treat, as was the more immediate, action-based combat that hid subtle layers of depth.

A third strength behind FFXV’s success was its quality voice acting. Ever since Final Fantasy X, vocals have been a key element in connecting the player to Square Enix’s stories, and the voice acting in XV hit a high-water mark for the series.

Earlier this week, studio Cornfox & Bros. revealed the actor behind FFXV’s Noctis – Ray Chase – will voice the villain Mesmeroth in its upcoming JRPG, Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm.

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Make Some Noise If You’d Like The Doom, Wolfenstein And Quake Series On Apple TV


iOS gaming site Toucharcade issued a call to arms for a worthy cause on the weekend.

Tom Kidd – self-described on his website as a “mobile developer for a boring old business firm” – has successfully ported almost all of id Software’s iconic DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein series of shooters to Apple TV, complete with controller support.


The catch however, is that Kidd can’t sell his ports to you and I via the App Store, as he doesn’t own the rights to id’s games.

That’s why the noise and call to arms – with a healthy pinch of wishful thinking and optimism – are needed.

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Everything ATVG Knows About Apple Arcade So Far

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 1.46.05 pm

Welcome back Apple TV gamers. What a week.

Admittedly, 2019 got off to a slow start.

After posting a couple of stories in early January – a Four Fats retrospective, and another Oceanhorn 2 reveal – things went quiet, as did ATVG.

Sure, there were the usual suspects cranking out some quality content-updates for games such as Shadowgun Legends, Real Racing 3 and Trials: Frontier, but other than that, there was very little in the way of new game releases. So ATVG hibernated.

Snakebird Primer is a nice little puzzle game to toy around with via the Siri Remote, but unless ATVG missed something, there hasn’t been much else. (Please let us know if you’re mileage varied)

And then March 25 happened, and it looks like Apple TV gaming might be born again.

Hello Apple Arcade.

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Oceanhorn 2’s Main Characters Revealed


If site traffic is anything to go by (and it is), then many of you out there in Internet-land are waiting very keenly for Oceanhorn 2 – the upcoming JRPG from Cornfox & Bros. Anytime ATVG posts news of its development, traffic flows. And from what’s been revealed so far, that high level of anticipation is definitely warranted.

While iOS is so far the only confirmed day-one release platform, ATVG reached out in 2018 to the studio and received an encouraging reply:

“I’m personally quite convinced that we will eventually cover the same platforms as we did with Oceanhorn 1, tvOS (Apple TV) of course being one of the main platforms,” wrote Cornfox’s Antti Viljamaa.

So with optimism, ATVG continues to keep a keen eye on developments, even making room for the sequel in our Most Anticipated Apple TV Games of 2019.

This week Cornfox & Bros. unveiled lots of juicy info outlining Oceanhorn 2’s three main characters, who will make up your adventuring party. A little of their backstories were revealed, and a few hints at the weapons and abilities they’ll contribute to proceedings, giving a glimpse at how they might work together to save Arcadia.

So let’s dig in.
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