Review – Hovercraft: Getaway – Pure Escapism


It happens every time.

About five minutes after I preorder a game, I’ll forget about it.

The result is waking up on release day, grabbing the iPad to check out what’s been going on in other time zones while mine’s been sleeping, and noticing an unfamiliar app icon staring out at me, occupying a space that yesterday, was just a space.

It’s a good feeling; similar to waking up on a Sunday and thinking it’s time to get ready for work, only to have that warm glow rush through you when you remember it’s Sunday.

And so it was Thursday morning, as I grabbed my coffee and headed out to fire up the Apple TV, to find out if Hovercraft: Getaway was destined to earn that space on my iPad and Apple TV, or if that space was to become once again, just a space.

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Hovercraft: Getaway – PAKO Forever With Guns?

In October last year, ATVG had a blast taking Hovercraft: Battle Arena for a spin.

While it’s hard to make a case for High Score Hero’s Hovercraft series of games to be considered graphical eye-candy, it doesn’t take long to see past the blocks and find the fun.

In Battle Arena, lazy players like myself who just want to jump in and get busy pew-pewing can select a pre-made ship, while those with time to kill and creativity to burn, can piece together their own design block by painstaking block.

Once done, as the title suggests, Battle: Arena tasks players with battling it out in an arena. Sounds fun, right? It is.

Scrolling through the Twitter feed earlier this week, ATVG was happy to discover that High Score Hero is only days away from releasing the latest in its Hovercraft series – Hovercraft: Getaway. And better yet, it’s tvOS-compatible.

And that means it’s time for a post.

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Kill, Die, Learn, Repeat – Dead Cells Coming To Apple TV


In yesterday’s post I teased that something exciting was coming to Apple TV.

Dead Cells? Excited? ATVG is.

The vast majority of Apple TV games are of course ports of iOS games, and while there are some quality titles among them, the hardware is capable of more. A big flatscreen, controller in hand, and some processing power makes for a console, and deep down, I think Apple TV gamers are really wanting more gaming experiences that validate the console they know they already own.

Way back in 2017, Xander Davis of Astrogun told ATVG, “…there’s actually little difference with what you can do on an Apple TV versus a PS4, except for horsepower (and the gap is closing), at this point.”

Also, mobile hardware has some ridiculous horsepower under the hood, and thankfully, some studios when bringing console titles to iOS have gone the extra mile and added in tvOS and MFi controller support.

Such is the case with publisher Playdigious.┬áHaving already brought the excellent Teslagrad from Rain Games to Apple TV, the team will next publish French developer Motion Twin’s rogue-lite, metroidvania, action-platformer – Dead Cells.

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