PS4 and Xbox One Games You Can Play on Apple TV 4K with a Controller 

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You might be unboxing your shiny new fifth generation Apple TV this weekend – the Apple TV 4K. Happy days. You might have even heard or read that there are some excellent console gaming experiences to be had on the platform with a controller, so you went the extra mile and picked one up to go with your purchase.

You’ve unboxed, plugged in, set up, and paired your controller. Now what? Where are these games?

Unfortunately Apple isn’t doing a great job of curating the gaming section on Apple TV’s App Store, and unless you know the specific games you’re searching for, it can be hard ploughing through the countless iOS ports of one touch auto-runners and shovel ware. Where are the big, traditional video games, the ones you bought your controller to play – the platformers, shooters, and adventures?

We’ve put together a list to get you started. The first list of games over on page 2 are all available on PS4, Xbox One, or both. It’s not a definitive list, but it’s an excellent place to start.

There are also a lot of iOS ports that have been freed from the confines of mobile screens and touch controls, and actually feel much more at home on the digital-only console of Apple TV with a controller in hand. We’ve included a selection of these over on page 2 as well. You can also check out this list of the best titles from the platform’s first year of life, some of which have made it onto today’s selection.

We’re optimistic here at ATVG that with the power under the hood of the Apple TV 4K, and the announcement of the upcoming Sky, gaming on this fledging platform might have a bright future.

Have fun!

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