PS4 and Xbox One Games You Can Play on Apple TV 4K with a Controller 

Minecraft: Apple TV Edition (Mojang)

The ultimate sandbox, Minecraft is only limited by your imagination. Thankfully Minecraft has been well supported on Apple TV, with the regular content updates of its big console cousins finding their way to this platform also.

Oceanhorn (Cornfox & Bros.)

These sorts of adventures with RPG elements are still under-represented on Apple TV, but Oceanhorn shows the platform is capable of delivering this sort of polished production, even more so now with the extra grunt of Apple TV 4K’s A10X Fusion chip. The sequel that’s on the way looks fantastic too, with Apple TV on the developer’s target list of platforms. Fingers crossed.

Morphite (Crescent Moon Games, Blowfish Studios, We’re Five Games)

Morphite is this list’s newest release, having just hit digital storefronts this last week, and with a Nintendo Switch version on the way also. Falling somewhere between a lo-fi No Man’s Sky and Metroid Prime as far as gameplay goes, we’ve written a bunch about Morphite leading up to its release. Have a read here, and here for more details, but the release trailer embedded above will give you a pretty good idea what you’re in for.

Riptide GP: Renegade (Vector Unit)

In our full review of this excellent H2O based racer, we summed up by saying: “Riptide GP: Renegade from Vector Unit balances perfectly modelled water physics with over the top arcade racing. The result is an easily recommended, complete console experience for your Apple TV.” 

Enough said.

Xenoraid (10tons)

From our full review: “Xenoraid from 10tons isn’t just a vertical shooter with a fresh coat of paint. It introduces a killer hook to hang it’s game on, but doesn’t forget that a killer hook is nothing without excellent gameplay, which it also brings to the party.”

If old school vertical shooters with modern sensibilities and polish are your thing, then Xenoraid is for you.

Transistor (Supergiant Games)

Supergiant Games followed up the beautiful Bastion by shifting gears entirely into Transistor’s neon soaked, cyberpunk world. Players will be guided by a talking sword through this RPG with tactical elements. 

Leo’s Fortune (1337, Senri LLC)

We were unashamed of our hyperbole in our glowing review of Leo’s Fortune, feeling this 2D platform stunner was well deserving of all the accolades its garnered across various platforms.

From our review: “Gameplay and story score equal billing in Leo’s Fortune; a superb, quality production from the moustache to the end credits.”

Forma.8 (Mixed Bag)

While we had a mixed time with Forma.8, feeling that some of the backtracking and the lack of a more detailed map took away some of its potential shine, this is still a recommended play. Apart from those couple of shortcomings, Forma.8’s gorgeous sound design and engrossing alien world has been beautifully executed. And maybe you’re better at puzzle solving than we are.

Burly Men At Sea (Brain&Brain)

ATVG was thoroughly charmed by Burly Men At Sea, which not long ago also saw a release on PS4 and Vita. This is a very different sort of adventure, falling somewhere between an old style point-and-click game, and a modern interactive storybook with new  adventures to be found with each play through. Due to the style of gameplay, the Siri Remote is all you’ll need for this one.

From our review: “Brain&Brain’s Burly Men at Sea offers lovers of point-and-click a storybook full of dreamlike adventures, setting sail via your Apple TV’s Siri Remote. Absurdity, wonder, and Nordic folklore collide in this enchanting experience.”

Apart from the above games that all have PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, here’s just a small selection of iOS ports that feel even more at home on the big screen:

Real Racing 3 (Firemonkeys)

A big, full-featured racer with tonnes of cars, tracks, and constantly changing events.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Gameloft)

Another racer, but one for lovers of pure, arcade fun. This is over the top stuff, with loads of cars to upgrade and heaps of insane fantasy tracks. Asphalt 8 gets regular content updates, and has recently seen the addition of motorbikes.

Space Marshals 2 (Pixelbite)

One of our picks of 2017, this top down twin-stick shooter is a must play on Apple TV. Players can choose to go down the stealth route, or all guns blazing. And everybody’s favourite, collectible hats. Read our full review right here

Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire (Play Pretend)

Le Parker looks good enough to eat, and it’s one of our favourite 2D platform games on Apple TV. Be warned though, it’s as tough as nails. Check out our review.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 (Batovi Games)

Don’t be fooled by the retro pixel art graphics of Batovi’s title, there is some solid gameplay to be found under the hood of this excellent arcade outing. Read my full review over at Grab It Magazine.

Smash Club (Mooff Games)

Mooff Games brought its Double Dragon homage to Apple TV earlier this year and it’s a whole lot of fun. Check out our review.

If you haven’t yet shelled out for a controller, these three games are definitely worth picking up, as they translate very well to the Siri Remote, and offer some gameplay with actual depth.

Those looking for some decent puzzles to solve, will want to check out Framed 2 (read our review here) and Swim Out.

Right then, that’s a pretty big list, with hours of quality gaming to get you started.

Be sure to check back in as we continue to follow the evolution of Apple TV gaming.

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