5 Of The Best Tips For Shadowgun Legends

5. Attack The Torment

1. Spend Your In-Game Credit In The Skill Tree

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During your journey from level 1 to 20, there’s no shortage of loot drops. While it’s raining loot, there’s not much point spending your in-game credit on Willow’s or Big Red’s weapons and armour. You’re better off spending your hard-earned on unlocking the skills in the skill-tree, and then spending even more of it to upgrade those skills. This process can be quite expensive and plenty of higher power gear comes your way for free by simply completing missions, especially in the lower ranks. So spend it in the skill-tree.

2. Trade In Your Holograms After You Rank Up

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I only just discovered this while watching Madfinger Games’ stream last week, and it’s kind of useless to me now that I’ve reached the current level-cap of 20. If you’re still on that path though, this will definitely come in handy.

There’s two types of loot that drops during gameplay. One is the immediately recognisable weapons, armour, and shaders, with the second being Holograms that you need to decode at Pedro’s back in the Hub.

You can immediately see whether the weapons and armour are better or worse based on the blue (better) or red (worse) arrow. Holograms on the other hand scale with your character’s level, and they have a higher percentage chance of being a higher level than your currently equipped gear.

So if you’re at a point where you’re just about to level-up, and you have some Holograms sitting in your inventory, it’s best to hold off on decoding them until after you level-up, given that there’s a good chance that higher power gear will manifest.

3. Hang Out At S.A.R.A’s And The Casino For Temporary Buffs

6. Party Harder in the War Bar

S.A.R.A’s Bar of War has some hidden secrets. Not only is it a nice place to hang out with your virtual friends, pick up side-missions, and have virtual dance-parties, but the simple act of doing so will be rewarded with temporary buffs.

Enter the bar and keep an eye on the top left corner of your screen. After roughly a minute, two hexagons will appear. Click on them and you’ll find you’ve just received a Damage Boost and Projectile Resistance buff that will eventually wear off.

Similarly, head to the Casino and hang out for a minute, and you’ll be granted an Accuracy and Critical Damage buff.

You don’t need to do anything in either venue to get them, just simply stay there until they appear.

Then head out on some missions and make good use of them before they expire.

4. Manage Your Contracts With Hakim Depending On Available Play-Time

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Hakim will offer Sponsored Contracts with differing variables of X-amount of credit rewarded over X-amount of time.

For example, you might be offered a contract that rewards you around 1000 in-game credits every hour, or around 3000 every 12 hours. So if you’ve settled in for a play-session knowing you’ve got two hours to kill, switch over to the 1000/hour contract and pick up your 2000 credits during your session, and then just before you switch off for the night and hit the sack, switch back over to the 3000/12 hours contract and login to collect it the next day.

This is a great way to pick up some bonus credit, especially if you’re spreading your gameplay across Apple TV and a mobile device. Being The Apple TV Gaming Blog, my primary platform is obviously ATV, but I’ll use my iPhone to quickly login during the day to pick up my contract reward.

Spending that extra few seconds at the start and end of your session to choose the right contract can mean thousands of extra in-game credits to spend in the skill tree.

5. After Level 20, The Best Way To Farm Gear Is The Silver Arena

1. Key Art

Once you’ve reach level 20, the Silver Arena is unlocked, and it’s tough, but very rewarding. And a lot of fun.

Dropping down into the treasure area at the end of the Silver Arena, there is always a handful of purple Holograms to pick up, and a shitload of blues. You get quite a bit of time in this treasure area until spawning back in the Hub, so you might as well spend it wisely.

Check your inventory and dump any lower power items off in a corner so you don’t accidentally pick them up again, then head back to the chests and pick up a fresh bunch of loot, aiming to try and get to those purples. If you miss the purples and fill up on blues, dump the blues again and try for the purples, while keeping an eye on the time. A bunch of blues is a lot better than leaving with an empty inventory slot. But for the most part, purples are better, as they have more perks. They’re not always better however, as sometimes the power level of a blue can be higher, so it can be a trade-off between perks or power level.

The Silver Arena is the best place to farm after level 20, with more loot available at the end than you can carry. So grab your buffs from S.A.R.A.’s and the Casino, jump in the Wargames queue, and get paid.


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