Bummer. Apple Rejected Valve’s Steam Link App


ATVG reported on Valve’s plans earlier this month, and it surely would’ve been a great thing for boosting the visibility of the Apple TV platform. The app’s purpose was to be able to play games purchased through Steam on Apple TV via streaming. At first glance it’s hard to understand the benefit to Apple other than the obvious one of increased Apple TV sales, making it the de facto Steam Machine for the lounge room at a budget price. But the benefit to Apple would’ve been more than just additional hardware sales.

Raising the profile of the Apple TV hardware this way among consumers of games could have in turn led to more validity for the Apple TV App Store, giving more reason for developers to bring games to the ATV platform. These consumers would’ve had Apple TV’s in their lounge rooms for games purchased on Steam, so it stands to reason they may have occasionally checked the platform’s native App Store to see what’s available.

Toucharcade’s article notes that the app was originally given the thumbs up on May 7th, only to later be rejected based on “business conflicts with app guidelines that apparently Apple didn’t take into consideration when approving the app on the 7th.”

Given Apple has flip-flopped on this once, maybe it will do so again.

Maybe it’s not the end of the Steam Link app for Apple TV forever. Maybe reason will prevail, and the potential benefits for Apple will be realised by those that circle the big round table.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this story continues to develop, as we’re not just talking about some unknown game by an unknown developer being rejected for breaching Apple’s guidelines. This is Valve and Apple.

Surely right about now suits are talking to other suits, with deals, compromises, and negotiations being struck, made, and hammered out.


Either way, there are games that need playing, so Happy Friday folks!

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