Bummer. Apple Rejected Valve’s Steam Link App


The Oxford Dictionary of English dates the word kibosh as originating from the mid-19th century, with its definition noted as “put an end to; dispose of decisively.”

Given its age, kibosh as a word feels somewhat timeless; as effective today in the 21st century as it’s ever been.

With this in mind, we can reveal that iOS site Toucharcade is today reporting that Apple has put the kibosh on Valve Corporation’s plans to bring its Steam Link app to Apple’s  devices.


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Review: Morphite – On Its Own Two Feet


In one of our earlier preview pieces on Morphite, we listed off a few of the classics that inspired collaborators Crescent Moon Games and Blow Fish Studios, such as Metroid Prime and Zelda. Crescent Moon Games’ official site for Morphite reels off even more beloved franchises – Ratchet and Clank, and Turok.

Inspirations and influences are inevitable, but committing them to words on screens for an upcoming game is bold, especially with such legendary names being thrown about. The danger is two-fold – setting expectations beyond the achievable, and releasing a product that’s merely a sum of its inspirations, with nothing to distinguish it as its own game.

How about Morphite then? Does it manage to climb off the shoulders of the giants that inspired it, and stand on its own?

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How to Play Quantum Revenge – Consumables and Upgrades Explained 

Right after posting our early impressions piece, ATVG reached out to the studio behind Quantum Revenge – Realtech VR – and asked a question that seems to be concerning players across the Internet: Are the upgrades you purchase with your collected currency permanent or consumable?

The response we received was a treasure trove of information, not just about weapon upgrades, but also explaining the studio’s inspiration for Quantum Revenge, challenges faced while developing it, and plans for the future of this excellent twin-stick shooter. 

We thought we’d post the “making of” information in a separate article in the near future, and serve up the most pressing “how-to” stuff right now. The game is certainly in need of some sort of guide, and Realtech VR will be addressing this by adding the information in-game via an upcoming update, but we wanted to share it now for early adopters who are already enjoying the game. 

So after hitting the page 2 button below, you’ll find an updated version of our bullet points from our early impressions piece, as well as Realtech’s extra info regarding the weapon upgrades and how the power bars work.

Trials Franchise Hits Apple TV as Trials Frontier, Requires Controller


Boiled down to its essential elements, Redlynx’s Trials series is a 2.5D physics platformer with a focus on speed running. While it’s a common enough genre, the franchise has garnered fame and hardcore gaming credibility due to the precision demanded from players, made possible thanks to the developer’s meticulous application of balance. Balance across the controls, the momentum of the avatars, the ability to redistribute weight to achieve the impossible, difficulty versus playability, and the balance within level design that mixes fun with challenge.

This week the series hit Apple TV and after spending a few hours with it, I can’t wait to spend some more. Hit the page 2 link below for more.