How to Play Quantum Revenge – Consumables and Upgrades Explained 

First, the basics:

– Destroy asteroids and enemies to collect currency.

– Currency can be saved up to unlock new mechs, of which there are five. A sixth can be unlocked from parts you’ll collect as you go.Each mech has a unique special move and super attack.

– Alternatively, currency can be spent at the end of each game to buy upgrades, such as strengthened armour, offensive or defensive drones, alternative weapons, and so on. Below you’ll find info as to which upgrades are permanent and which are consumable. 

– Green orbs restore your health.

– Blue orbs upgrade your current weapon. Taking hits from enemies degrades your weapon.

– Pink orbs are parts for your sixth mech. Once you’ve collected enough to unlock it, it’s yours to keep.

– If you like your currently equipped weapon, be sure to avoid new weapon drops.

– On your MFi controller, left trigger activates your special move, and holding in the right trigger activates your super attack.

– Death means starting from the beginning.

Right, so that’s it for the basics. Below is the info we just received regarding the upgrades and power bars, and how they work:

The player has two power bars: The firepower bar and special ability bar. When the player fires on enemies, it raises the firepower bar, and levels up your firepower. So the more you fire on enemies, the more you level up. The maximum level available depends on your experience level.
The special ability bar is increased when you receive damage, and when you fire on bosses. When your bar is one third full, you can use it for a boost, or you can engage the super power attack.

Permanent Modules:

 Module A: Increase Super move Damage (4 steps)

 Module B: Upgrade primary weapon firepower by 5% (10% 15% 20%)

 Module C: Super move Bar Increase Faster

 Module D: Increase Armor Resistance

Temporary (Consumable) Modules:

 Module E: Double the amount of cash you get next round

 Module F: Boost jump 1st half of the level

 Module G: Boost all your stats (full drone, full shield)

 Module H: On death: revive at 40% health with two seconds of invincibility

For drones there are 3 differents drones which can be found as a pickup or collected. You can have up to 5.

And that’s that. 

Look out for our article coming in the not too distant future with all the “making of” goodies, possibly this coming weekend. 

Until then, happy hunting. 

Here’s a repeat of the video showing the first wave in mission one, so you can see some of the above in action:

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