Realtech VR Talks About Making Quantum Revenge


It seems like we posted an eternity ago promising to spill the beans on an email we received from studio Realtech VR, which detailed its inspirations behind the game, and its journey towards completion. Well finally, here it is.

We wanted to wait until the studio had ironed out the bugs, and post the extra information as a sort of behind-the-scenes accompaniment to our review, which we posted earlier this evening.

So now, patient readers, here is the response we received a while back, after simply reaching out for some information regarding the upgrade system, in order to clarify which were consumable and which were permanent. You can read the handy stuff about the upgrades right here. Along with that info however, we received a bunch more than we bargained for, in the form of the following Q&A detailing all sorts of other interesting factoids about this excellent twin-stick shooter.