Review: Burly Men at Sea – The Horizon has Many Stories to Tell


The touchscreens of our tablets and mobiles have turned out to be the perfect input device for point-and-click adventures, bypassing completely the mouse and keyboard middle man. So much so that the decades-old genre has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, with both new additions to the catalogue and many remasters resurfacing to make hay.

Consoles on the other hand haven’t fared so well – traditional gamepads are not the most intuitive devices for translating point-and-click input mechanics. Apple TV’s Siri Remote however, with its touch interface and minimal complexity, while not ideal for traditional video gaming, has turned out to be an ideal solution for point-and-click.

But providing the ideal interface for this style of storytelling on our lounge room TVs is only half of the solution – the other half is finding a decent game to play.

Enter studio Brain&Brain’s Burly Men at Sea – a beautiful, quiet adventure.

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