These Hardcover Book Versions of Burly Men at Sea are Gorgeous


Burly Men at Sea played on Apple TV via the Siri Remote is an eminently charming experience. Scandinavian folklore-inspired adventures await, played out through an interactive storybook medium. Have a read of our full review right here.

Throughout the game’s various stories, players will enter the houses of NPCs, many of which contain bookshelves brimming with volumes, presumably a nod to the overall experience of the game itself.

Studio Brain&Brain have now brought each of Burly Men at Sea’s playable stories to real-life book form, complete with fabric hardcovers. The game’s artwork looks to be beautifully represented, and would make a great coffee table talking point and/or collectible.


Click here for all the details on how to get these real-life artefacts into your home.

In other Burly Men at Sea news, Brain&Brain announced at E3 2017 that PS4 and PS Vita players will soon be able to experience its charms. A release date has not yet been announced, but I’ll likely follow along with this development over at Grab It Magazine, given the platform.

Here’s the latest trailer for Burly Men at Sea, revealed at e£ 2017: