Brain&Brain Announce PS4 Release Date, Tease Art from Upcoming Game 


A recent email from studio Brain&Brain – the artful creators of Burly Men at Sea – came baring both information and a mystery. One unknown vanquished with a release date, replaced by a new unknown in the form of physical art being created by Brooke Condolora for an as yet unannounced game.

As to the first, we now know that PS4 and Vita players will have the opporurtuniy to spend time with Burly Men At Sea come September 19th. You can check out the full details on the PlayStation Blog here. ATVG had a lot of fun with the bearded whimsy and storybook wisdom of Brain&Brain’s adventures on Apple TV (don’t just take my word for it, read my review), and it’s great to see this delightful title being made available across as many platforms as possible.

But what of the email’s mystery?

And what does a wolf have to do with any of this?

Wait…what wolf?

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