Zombie Survival FPS Radiation City Out Now on Apple TV


My memory tells me that ninjas were at the top of the food chain in the ‘80s, as far as B-grade action movies and games go. The ‘90s and ‘00s saw various combinations and permutations of aliens, pirates, vampires and werewolves taking turns at being the flavour of the day, sometimes even fighting each other. More recently, for the last half a dozen years or so, zombies have ruled the entertainment roost. Despite having no personality, no sex appeal, and no table manners whatsoever, these disgusting, decomposing freaks just simply cannot be killed.

Let’s face it though, zombies make for great cannon fodder in video games, and combining the walking dead with the open world survival genre, results in a match made in post-apocalyptic heaven (or as some might say, hell). Open world survival games are in short supply on the Apple TV platform, with Minecraft possibly being the only example. Until now.

The release this week of Radiation City from Atypical Games makes two.

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