Speaking Of Pretty Things, Check Out Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2


Last night ATVG noted how pretty the upcoming Oceanhorn sequel is looking, while lamenting the fact that we’ll have to wait until 2019 to get our hands on it.

Well if you’re after something shiny right now, Atypical Games released the latest title in its Sky Gamblers series this week – Storm Raiders 2.

You can check out the trailer in all its glory over the page.

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 7.11.41 am
Atypical Games have been throwing a lot of love at Apple TV, bringing loads of big, full experiences to the platform. There’s Battle Supremacy: Evolution, Infinite Tanks, Sky Gamblers: Infinite JetsRadiation City, and Escape from Chernobyl.

Storm Raiders 2 sends players into World War 2, with the studio boasting fighters, bombers, and dive-bombers straight from the history books. Players can also customise their aircraft with historically accurate skins, or colour outside the box with their own creations.

Germany, Russia, Norway, and Egypt are some of the combat zones your skills will be tested in, with both single player and multiplayer modes (co-op and PvP) available.

Screenshots will only tell a very small part of the story with a game like Storm Raiders 2, so for the full eye-candy experience, roll the video:

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