Apple TV Gaming News Roundup – Halloween, Cars, Beards, Spit and Tesla


Hopefully your week has been a good one, with plenty of game-time squeezed in among real life, work, study, sleep, food, and staring into space. Because sometimes you just have to stop and gaze pointlessly into the middle-distance and be. You don’t see people doing that much anymore. Usually it’s just eyes darting from screen to screen, activity to activity, with no nothing-time between the madness.

But enough of that rambling nonsense.

Hit the continue button below for a quick blast of Apple TV gaming news from the week that was.

Halloween Continues in Shadowgun Legends

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 11.18.25 am.png

Soon after the 0.7.0 update landed, bringing with it the excellent new Gold Arena, Halloween came to Shadowgun Legends.

The event not only brought pumpkins and an eerie green mist to the social hub, but also collectible organs dropped from vanquished Torment. These harvested organs can be redeemed in Pedro’s shop for some stylish Halloween-themed gear.

The event is still running, and players have roughly 48 hours to jump in and earn that sweet loot, after which a new event starts on Monday.

Free Update Brings 5 New Cars and Secrets to PAKO Forever


The Blues Brothers game we never knew we wanted – PAKO Forever – received its first content drop this week since release.

ATVG had a lot of fun taking PAKO Forever for a spin, with the game feeling very at home via a controller and a large flat screen.

Finnish studio Tree Man Games dropped a free content update this week with 5 new collectible cars and some secrets to unlock. Not sure what those secrets are, or how to unlock them, but I guess that’s why they’re called secrets.

PAKO Forever is one of those arcade games that you swear you’re just going to jump into for a quick 5-minute stab, and end up checking the clock an hour later wondering where the time went.

Try it. Tell me I’m wrong.


Burly Men at Sea Free For PlayStation Plus Members


For the month of November, PlayStation Plus subscribers have the good fortune of Burly Men at Sea being added to the service’s lineup.

If you happen to be one those subscribers, and you’re not sure whether it’s worth allocating precious hard drive space for Brain&Brain’s quiet adventure, then ATVG is here to help.

You can have a read of ATVG’s full review right here, but in a nutshell, we summed up by saying:

“Brain&Brain’s Burly Men at Sea offers lovers of point-and-click a storybook full of dreamlike adventures, setting sail via your Apple TV’s Siri Remote. Absurdity, wonder, and Nordic folklore collide in this enchanting experience.”


Spitkiss Releases to Apple TV

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 10.52.36 am

Danish studio Triple Topping calls its new release – Spitkiss – a “polyamorous precision platformer.”

ATVG has written previously about games that really seem to suit the Siri Remote as an input device, and judging from its App Store description, Spitkiss might be worth investigating with a view to being a potential candidate for a future list of this kind.

A “true one finger platformer,” says the App Store blurb, which certainly sounds like a job for the Siri Remote.

Here’s the trailer:


Teslagrad Hits Apple TV


An exciting new release this week is Teslagrad, from Rain Games.

Teslagrad is a big, beautiful console experience and ATVG jumped into the PlayStation 4 version a little while back to get some early impressions leading up to its Apple TV release.

Hopefully the port to Apple TV does Teslagrad justice, and ATVG will jump in as soon as possible to bring word.

Here’s the trailer:

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