Blackmoor 2 Probably Definitely Coming To Apple TV


Safe planes and good whisky.

That’s what I’ll always think of first whenever I write about Hong Kong-based studio Four Fats.

When writing this piece about the team morphing from Mooff Games into Four Fats, I somehow ended up coining a salutation that I actually now use in day to day life, obviously meant in the same spirit as may the wind be always at your back and the Sun on your face. Unfortunately, the line that inspired the headline to that piece, concerning Four Fats aiming to make games that weren’t shit, is no longer found on the studio’s  website. It’s a pity, it was a good line.

Ah well, I got a salutation out of it.

Sooo…Blackmoor 2 is the real topic of this post. Let’s talk about that.


It’s been a while since that original story, with the original reply from Four Fats letting ATVG know that there were no plans to bring Blackmoor 2 to Apple TV. But time passes and things change, so ATVG reached out to Hong Kong last week to check back in, hoping against hope.

The original Blackmoor was excellent: An action-RPG on iOS with the studio’s trademark geek-culture references that always feel warm and genuine, as opposed to pandering.

The recent reply from Four Fats was about 1% short of a “definitely.” In fact, the reply started out with an “I think” and ended up with a “definitely,” so it’s looking promising for Blackmoor 2 to hit Apple TV. And in the not too distant future too.

The email from Four Fats this week implied that the studio is waiting for the dust to settle following the sequel’s release, after which it’ll probably/definitely port it to Apple TV towards the end of 2018 or maybe early 2019.

Under the team’s previous moniker, Mooff Games released three games for the Apple TV platform – Dungeon Time, Toon Shooters 2, and Smash Club – all of which are an absolute must-have for your ATV gaming library. Each covers a classic arcade genre in a very recognisable “Mooff Games” kind of way, and you should definitely check them out.

Fingers crossed then that Blackmoor 2 will be the debut game for Four Fats on Apple TV.

Four Fats? If you’re reading this – ATVG wishes you safe planes and good whisky.

Roll the video:

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