Blackmoor 2 Probably Definitely Coming To Apple TV


Safe planes and good whisky.

That’s what I’ll always think of first whenever I write about Hong Kong-based studio Four Fats.

When writing this piece about the team morphing from Mooff Games into Four Fats, I somehow ended up coining a salutation that I actually now use in day to day life, obviously meant in the same spirit as may the wind be always at your back and the Sun on your face. Unfortunately, the line that inspired the headline to that piece, concerning Four Fats aiming to make games that weren’t shit, is no longer found on the studio’s ¬†website. It’s a pity, it was a good line.

Ah well, I got a salutation out of it.

Sooo…Blackmoor 2 is the real topic of this post. Let’s talk about that.
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Did You Know Classic RPG The Bard’s Tale Is Available On Apple TV?


Sometimes a deep dive into the Apple TV’s App Store will yield bountiful loot. Yesterday I held down the Siri Remote’s mic button and voiced three of my favourite letters of the alphabet – R, P, and G – being careful to annunciate clearly. Siri heard me well, quickly advising me that there were no results for “ARE PG.”

Typing in the letters manually did the trick, with The Bard’s Tale appearing in the list of results.

With a quick double-take, I thought, wait a minute, is that the The Bard’s Tale?


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Action RPG Runic Rampage – Plugging a Hole in Apple TV’s Catalogue


Update: Studio Electrocosmos have announced a release date for Runic Rampage – November 2nd. Not long!

Original Story: Action RPGs are thin on the ground in the Apple TV gaming catalogue.

Dungeon Hunter 5 from Gameloft brings bite-size Diablo-like missions which are fun – and the game has nice production values – but you can’t help but want those missions to extend into a larger environment, giving you room to explore and swing those weapons.

Dungeon Time from Mooff Games is positioned as more of a twin-stick shooter, although it does boast RPG flavours brought to the table courtesy of upgradeable abilities and characters.

Where the Apple TV gaming catalogue is lacking is fully-featured dungeon crawlers with loot, spells, weapons, armour, and raging dwarves.

Can German studio Electrocosmos help plug the hole with its upcoming Runic Rampage?

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